Technology 1
Freshman Technology


Technology Lab Assignments for the Year
Technology I/II Assignments



2 3DS Max Interface VID_2.1 Chapter 2 Quiz None None
3 Viewports VID_3.1 Chapter 3 Quiz None None
4 Primitives VID_4.1, VID_4.2, VID_4.3 Chapter 4 Quiz Snowman Create your own figure.
5 Modifiers VID_5.1 Chapter 5 Quiz Bend, Twist, Ripple, Melt (From Exercises at end of chapter)

The MEADOW: Create a plane from the Standard Primitives command panel. Use the Hair and Fur (WSM) Modifier to add GRASS to your plane. EXPERIMENT with all of the parameters for your grass! Then, use the CREATE Tab and pull down AEC EXTENDED> FOLIAGE to add some TREES to your grass. Use the BEND modifier to bend your trees, as if the wind was blowing. Save as MEADOW in your Chapter 5 folder.

The MOLECULAR CHAIN: Create a PLANE (Length= 300, Width= 60, Length Segments= 11, Width Segments= 1) from the Standard Primitives command panel. Try using the TWIST and the LATTICE modifiers on your plane to create a molecular chain, see below. CHALLENGE: How can you make this molecule TWICE as long, while maintaining the same proportions?




3D Modeling

VID_6.1, VID_6.2, VID_6.3


VID_7.1, VID_7.2, VID_7.3

Chapter 6 Quiz


Chapter 7 Quiz

Blob Character (Book Fig. 6.3, VIDEO 6.2)


Franklin (make sure that you use soft selection for the nose and horns and chamfer for the eyes and mouth), Try using a TURBO SMOOTH modifier on Franklin. What happens? NOTE: DO NOT increase iterations above 6!

Spaceship: Make sure to use SYMMETRY modifier! Include wing stylizations!

Future Planet


8-1 PART ONE- Material Basics Material_ basics.mp4 - 4 Spheres and Tabletop (Save to Chapter 8 folder as SPHERES.max). Use your own MATERIALS! Wooden Chess Piece on Wooden Table (Save to Chapter 8 folder as CHESS_ PIECE.max)
8-2 PART TWO- Materials and Sub-Objects Sub_Object _Materials.mp4 Chapter 8 Quiz Recreate sphere with two bitmap sides and a transparent top from video. (Save to Chapter 8 folder as BALL.max) Colorize and texturize your SPACESHIP, your FUTURE PLANET and your PUSHPIN from the Challenge Assignments. Colorize two copies of the DICE from the DICE 3 MINUTE TUTORIAL. (Save all of these files to your CHAPTER 8 folder!)
9 Animation VID_9.1, VID_9.2, VID_9.3 Chapter 9 Quiz

Car Race (9.2) and Flipping Boxes (9.3)

FILES for these projects are in the CHAPTER_FILES folder on the Q: Drive. COPY these to your folder, do not change the files on the drive!

1- Challenge Problem: CAR CRASH- Animate the Car Race to include a JUMP in the middle of the race where all of the cars crash and fly around (use Curve Editor if possible!). Bonus points for inclusion of a lava pit.

2- Animated 3D name, using PIVOT POINTS. The individual letters of your name should start "off screen," then animate to come together to form your name.

3- Animate your SPACESHIP to be flying through or around your FUTURE PLANET. REFER to the ANIMATE ALONG A PATH video tutorial in the 3 Minute Videos folder for this!

4- Animate the blades of your WINDMILL CHALLENGE problem to be turning. Properly setting the PIVOT POINT will be key here.

10 Lighting VID_10.1 (Note- "torch"= "flashlight" in England.) Chapter 10 Quiz Spotlight (fig. 10.6)

1. Complete the "Lighting of a Street Scene" from the book (File is in the Q: Drive)

2. Copy your DICE from the recent 3 Minute Tutorial. Color this die the OPPOSITE of your first die. Then, create a model of a simple lamp and a MIRROR surface underneath your DICE. LIGHT your DICE from your lamp.

3. Go back to your SPACESHIP animation from Chapter 9. Modify you scene to be NIGHTTIME. Add a headlight or a spotlight to your SPACESHIP so that it can be seen as it flies.

11 Cameras VID_11.1, VID_11.2 Chapter 11 Quiz City Scene Camera Animation. Create TWO Camera Animation Scenes from your earlier work. Please have ONE of these camera scenes be from BEHIND your spaceship as it flies around your planet.
12 Rendering VID_12.1, VID_12.2 Chapter 12 Quiz Create a scene from one of your texture/ material creations from Chapter 8 (for instance, your dice on a mirrored table top with lighting, etc.) and SAVE an image of one of the scene as a .jpeg. Render an animation that you have created from Chapter 9. SAVE as an .AVI file to your Chapter 12 Folder.
17 Dynamic Simulations


VID_17.1, VID_17.2, VID_17.3

pbomb_ Explosion tutorial from the 3 MINUTE TUTORIAL folder.

Chapter 17 Quiz Dynamic Bouncing Ball, Wrecking Ball Breaking Wall, use this starting file: Demolition_ Start.max. Exploding BOXES using the pbomb tutorial. Brick thrown through wall from EXTENDED VIDEO 17_4

Use any techniques this chapter to explode something of your own design. (Example- Use the pbomb command to explode your Snowman.)

Create your own MassFX simulation, including the design of the environment. This should be a PROJECT- for instance, a billiard shot on a pool table, bowling ball rolling down alley towards pins, etc.

18 or 19

Particles and Effects


Cloth/ Hair/ Fur Creation

Videos from the Q: Drive Folders None Work on practice projects from the videos and book. Create your own Independent Project using the techniques demonstrated in these chapters.
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