AutoCAD Assignment ONE, LINE Command

BEFORE YOU START: Create a new folder on your network space, called AUTOCAD. In this AUTOCAD folder, create another new folder called “AUTOCAD_1”. Save the following figures into this folder, call them drawing1.dwg, drawing2.dwg, etc.

THE RELEVANT VIDEO TUTORIALS: If you wish, you could watch this video. To be honest, I don't like it much, because he tries way too hard to do things that are not applicable to LINE BASICS, but there is good information there, if you want to see it.

Problems 1-4: From the RED BOOK, replicate the following figures, USING ANY VERSIONS OF THE LINE COMMAND THAT YOU WISH.

I expect these drawings to look EXACTLY as they do in the book!:

• PAGE 31, recreate the figures for problems 1-2
• PAGE 32, recreate the figures for problems 3-4.
Save these problems to your “AUTOCAD_1” folder as drawing1.dwg, drawing2.dwg, etc.

PROBLEM 5- A lot of the challenge and the “fun” of AutoCAD is figuring out exactly how to complete a drawing. As an example, please follow along on the following video tutorial where Mr. B. completes this drawing of RED BOOK, Page 33, Problem 1. This was recorded on an earlier version of AutoCAD, but the principle is the same in AutoCAD 2015.

Video Walkthrough, RED BOOK, page 33, problem 1.

Once you have watched the video, recreate the figure on Page 33, Problem 1. Save as drawing5.dwg.

PROBLEM 6: Page 79, Problem 5. (Start with what you know how to do. Work your way around to the 45 degree angle last!) Save as drawing6.dwg.

PROBLEM 7: Page 902, Problem 2. Save as drawing7.dwg

PROBLEM 8- Recreate the figure below, using any versions of the LINE command that you wish. (NOTE that the figure STARTS at point 2,2). Save as drawing8.dwg.

CHALLENGE PROBLEMS (PROBLEM 9 and PROBLEM 10): Go to the RED BOOK, page 78 and complete the two problems exactly as described in the book. This will require that you use the POLAR METHOD of drawing LINES, see RED BOOK, page 72 for help with this. Save as drawing9.dwg

SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: I will grade all of the problems for AutoCAD_1 directly out of your folder on your COLOR Drive. Make sure that you include all problems above.

GRADING: I will be grading AutoCAD work in the following way. I will be grading your completed assignments and figures each week. I will randomly select a small number of problems that you have completed for the week and grade them for accuracy. This will be a 25 point grade.