AutoCAD: The FINAL Examination

BEFORE YOU START: Create a new folder in your AUTOCAD folder, called “AUTOCAD_FINAL”. Save the following figures into this folder, call them PROBLEM_1.dwg, PROBLEM_2.dwg, etc. You may use ANY video tutorials from past assignments for assistance that you wish, but you cannot ask for assistance and you cannot discuss problems with other students.


PROBLEM 1: Draw the following figure. DIMENSION the figure exactly as shown in the diagram. (Use LEADER when necessary!)

PROBLEM 2: From the drawing below, select TWO DOORS THAT ARE ADJACENT (side by side) TO EACH OTHER. Using any tools available to you, draw these two doors in AutoCAD, be as precise as possible with your drawing. CLICK on the image below to open a larger version of this figure!

PROBLEM 3: Draw the wooden block presented to the class (there is an annotated photo below for your use, but feel free to measure it yourself, if you wish.) Use AutoCAD ISOMETRIC tools to complete this task. The block must be drawn to scale and properly dimensioned using ISOMETRIC DIMENSIONS.

PROBLEM 4: Replicate the floor plan drawing below. Make sure to include dimension labels as outlined in the original figure. Include fixtures. Use OFFSET LINES for exterior walls (6 inches) and interior walls (4 inches) instead of the extra thickness lines as shown. You do not have to shade your drawing (although you could, if you wished.)

GRADING: Each problem will be worth 75 points and will be graded on accuracy and proper use of DIMENSIONING, where appropriate.