"The Favorite Thing" Timeline Project

BACKGROUND: Students have already done preliminary research and data collection regarding their selected "Favorite Thing." This assignment takes this research further, putting information regarding the Favorite Thing into an attractive TIMELINE format.

ASSIGNMENT: This assignment will involve students creating a TIMELINE that illustrates the history of their FAVORITE THING, as researched in the paper at the start of the quarter.

THE TIMELINE:  Students will use a TIMELINE format to ILLUSTRATE all of the important changes and dates in their FAVORITE THING, from the very beginnings of the THING to the present day.

THE TIMELINE FORMAT:  Although all of our work so far has been in Google Drive, this TIMELINE will be created using an online resource: the timeline creator from http://www.tiki-toki.com/.

This will require that you sign up for a free account, which you can do using your school Gmail address, use your email address as your username and email, I recommend using your school network password (birthday) as your password to the site. MR. B. CANNOT RECOVER THIS INFORMATION FOR YOU, IF YOU FORGET IT!.

We do not have a CLASS CODE for this project, just leave that space blank when you register!

As often happens when given a project to complete in the workplace, you do not have a lot of instruction on how to use this timeline creator. You will need to experiment with how to add events (stories), titles, events, images, colors, backgrounds, etc. THIS IS PART OF THE PROJECT! Do not ask for help from Mr. B. until you have tried EVERYTHING!


  1. The TIMELINE must include AT LEAST FIFTEEN (no complaining allowed, this number used to be 20!) different timeline events, including the BIRTH of their thing, all the way up to the present day. You may need to do additional research into your topic to gather all of these events for your timeline. ANY pertinent information would be appropriate, including, but not limited to:
    • Company milestones, ownership, locations, etc.
    • Sales information: Price, distribution, number sold, current value, etc.
    • Product changes: New flavors, sizes, versions, models, features, etc.
    • Any other important information pertaining to your THING.
  2. Each of your events on your TIMELINE must include a short paragraph that relates the "Who, what, where, when, how and why" of the issue, in a very abbreviated TIMELINE format.
  3. Your TIMELINE needs to include proper DATES for each event (otherwise, what is the point of a timeline?). You do NOT need exact dates, if you only know the YEAR, that is fine. I would just put the date for your event as JANUARY 1, YEAR.
  4. Your TIMELINE elements must show AN IMAGE or GRAPHIC that illustrates EACH of your timeline events. You can learn how to use the image feature in tiki-toki by REVIEWING THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL, CREATED BY MR. B. FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT.
  5. The THEME/COLORS AND BACKGROUND of your timeline should be customized to be appropriate for your topic, but not look overly crowded or distracting.

STUCK? USE THIS LINK FOR HELP FROM TIKI-TOKI.COM (SCROLL DOWN TO THE "CREATING A TIMELINE" and "CREATING A STORY" SECTIONS! The "How do I add an image to my stories?" Section might also be useful!

NEED A SAMPLE? Here is Mr. B.'s History of Freshman Technology Timeline. Yours should look similar in detail!

SUBMISSION OF PROJECT: Make sure that you EMAIL Mr. B. the LINK for your timeline when you are done. This timeline is due by the date listed on the website.

GRADING: This project will be worth a total of 100 points. 50 points for proper inclusion of all required elements listed above. 50 points for quality of the information related in the timeline.