History of Graphic Design- "The Object Poster"
The Object Poster : You will be creating an Object Poster, modeled after the Priester Matches Poster of Lucian Bernhard in the early 1900s.

The Product: Your poster will advertise a product. Please select a product that you use on a regular basis.

The Canvas: The student will develop their poster on a 8 ½ x 11 inch canvas in Photoshop, using either landscape or portrait orientation.

The Rules for the Object Poster: The student will create their poster to contain the following elements:

  1. A strongly colored background, with a slight texture. You can either try to use an overlaying shape with a PATTERN on it, or maybe use some light brush strokes, but you need to create a texture of some sort. Do not turn in an object poster with a flat color background!
  2. Bold and prominent, but simplified picture of the product being advertised. Please use the “chromolithography tutorial” that we used on the last assignment, or you can use brushstrokes or filters to create the proper look for their product. This graphic MUST be cut out from its background!
  3. Changing of the colors of the Product. The Priester matches poster had the matches colored red and yellow. Please do something similar with your product picture. Use filters, color adjustments, brushstrokes, overlaying layers, etc., to change the colors of your product. Make sure that the color that you choose is a bright, but pleasing, contrast to your background.
  4. Bold and colorful brand name of the product in an interesting (and THICK) font, NOT in the usual advertising font of the Product. Go online for a suitable font if you cannot find one on your computer. Check highlandtechnology.org in the FAQ section information on installing online fonts. Again, the colors used on these letters should be a nice contrast to the background and the product.
  5. Use filters as needed to add texture to the graphic and the letters of the brandname, but this needs to be subtle!

Object Poster Samples from Years Gone By:

Project Submission: When you have completed the project, save your work as "lastname_object_poster.jpg" and copy it to my DROPBOX.

Grading: This will be a 100 point assignment! The cleaner, more colorful and bold your poster is, the better the grade will be.