Google FORMS Assignment

BACKGROUND: Students have reviewed the use of Google Sheets to create charts and graphs. For this assignment, students will use Google FORMS as a data gathering vehicle, then graph their findings using Google Sheets.

RESOURCES: Students may use ANY resources at their disposal to complete this assignment, starting with this link "Getting Started with Forms" from Google Learning, which is quick and easy and offers lots of useful graphics. TO USE THIS PAGE, WHEN YOU START YOUR NEW FORM, CLICK ON "CREATE YOUR FORM" PURPLE BAR AT THE TOP OF THAT WEBSITE!

INDEPENDENT LEARNING: It is expected that the student learn how to use Google FORMS independently, with a minimum of instructor intervention. Please ask questions about how to use Forms or how to complete this assignment ONLY when you have exhausted all of your learning resources (such as reviewing the Google Learning Forms link above and reading this assignment sheet.)

CONCEPT: Students will be gathering information from the class regarding their FAVORITE THING topic from their paper last week. This information will go on to be used in a number of pieces of presented information in the future in this course. Students will be directly graded on the QUALITY of their questions with regards to gathering information from classmates on their topic and their ability to visualize this information using CHARTS and GRAPHS. Please see the ADVICE section below regarding how to formulate useful questions for gathering good data!


DIRECTIONS: Students will be responsible for creating a Google form to be completed by the students in the class in the near future. This form will ask a number of questions to gather information about...


Your FORM should include AT LEAST the following TYPES OF QUESTIONS to gather information:

  1. A TEXT QUESTION of the NAME of the person using the FORM.
  2. A DROP DOWN QUESTION asking the AGE of the person using the form. (make sure to include an 18+ option!)
  3. At least 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS in which only one option can be selected.
  4. At least 1 CHECKBOX QUESTION in which a number of possible options can be selected.
  5. A LINEAR SCALE QUESTION in which you can select from numbers on a scale of 1-5, etc.
  6. A MULTIPLE CHOICE GRID QUESTION in which you offer AT LEAST 5 categories to rate on a scale.
  7. AN IMAGE (or more than one), complete with a TITLE that you refer to in a question of some form from above.

SOME ADVICE ABOUT FORM QUESTIONS: When putting together your questions, try to limit the possible responses of your audience to a manageable group. You should also make sure that you ask questions that will actually give you INFORMATION and DATA regarding the feelings of students in class. For example:

  • A question like "What is your favorite movie?" will likely get you 20 different answers from 20 different people. Considering that this is a GRAPHING project, as well, creating a graph from this information would be completely useless. A better question about movies might be: "What is your favorite genre of movie? 1) Drama 2) Action 3) Comedy 4) Romantic 5) Horror 6) Other." This will limit your responses and give you good data for graphing. WHEN ASKING AN OPINION QUESTION, ALWAYS INCLUDE AN "OTHER" ANSWER, so that a respondent can click this if they do not like any of your other options!
  • Asking a question like "Is this the McDonald's logo?" Yes or No will likely give you 100 percent "Yes" responses. What have you gained from this question? Unless you are specifically analyzing brand recognition, this will not likely be a very useful question. A more appropriate question might be "Which of the following types of items from the McDonald's menu is your favorite? 1) French Fries 2) Hamburgers 3) Drinks 4) Desserts 5) Breakfast items 6) Other" This will also give you useful information for graphing.
  • Questions such as "How much?" are good, because they can give you specific information about your audience's feelings on a topic. For instance: "How much would you be willing to pay for a new pair of athletic shoes?" 1) $0.00 to $20.00 2) $20.01 to $50.00 3) $50.01 to $100.00 4) $100.01 to $150.00 5) $150.00 and up.
  • For your IMAGE question, please make sure that your image petains to your topic and your question is a viable one. For instance, you could show a photograph of a classic car and ask survey respondents what they feel the value of the car might be. You could also have 2-3 images of the product's logos over the years and ask respondents to pick the logo that they like the best, etc. You could present 2-3 different models (flavors, colors, etc.) of your product that are available and ask the respondents to select which is their favorite, etc.

STYLE POINTS: Mr. Burkhard is easily impressed by flashy and shiny objects. Perhaps if you changed the colors of your form and the header image of your survey, he would be impressed and give you a better grade!

SAMPLE SURVEY, CREATED BY MR. B.:. Can be seen at this link. Your survey should be very similar in form and content.

THE SURVEYS: Below will be the links to all of the student surveys that are submitted for this project. Please spend time completing EACH survey. When the class is done, use the RESULTS SHEET to create your Graphs and Charts as outlined below.


USING YOUR DATA: You will be creating a GOOGLE SHEETS file from your survey results and then creating at least TWO graphs from the results.


The above figures will open a GOOGLE SHEET with the results of your survey. The survey questions will be in columns, the people surveyed will be in the rows.

Use this form to create a GRAPH of the results of TWO of your questions on your survey. These should be the TWO questions that you feel most accurately reflects the OPINIONS of the class regarding your topic.

You will use these graphs in your website project later this quarter. RENAME this file in your FRESHMAN_TECH folder and call it SURVEY_GRAPHS.



SUBMISSION: Your FORM should created in your FRESHMAN_TECH folder and the link to the LIVE FORM should be emailed to Mr. B., so that he can link them for students to complete. HAVE THIS COMPLETED BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH! Make sure your GRAPHS file is in your FRESHMAN_TECH folder, as well.