GRAPHIC DESIGN 2: "Descriptive Pairs/ Logotype Project"

Premise: This assignment is designed to allow the student to explore the concept of TYPOGRAPHY as a descriptive GRAPHIC ELEMENT in design, as well as to practice their Illustrator skills with regards to text manipulation, colors, gradients, etc.

Before you get started: You will be selecting three of the following word pairs to illustrate by manipulating the typography of the words (see examples below). The available "Word Pairs" are:

Simple Pleasures
Rain Coat
Mountain Bike
Art Museum
Broken Dreams
Daddy's Girl
Public Enemy
Green Energy
Snow Shovel
Afternoon Nap
Abandoned House
Alarm Clock
Forest Fire
Mismatched Socks
Honors Student
Smoking Gun
Math Class
Cat Person
Power Outage
Killer Instinct
Copy Machine
Video Game
Marriage Proposal
Identity Theft
Computer Virus

PART ONE- The Descriptive Pairs: You will ILLUSTRATING your three selected WORD PAIRS using only Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator, create three separate canvases that are roughly 5 x 5 inches for your designs. Then, using ONLY text manipulation, colors and direct selection manipulation, create your ILLUSTRATION of your words. Your illustration should be completed by BASIC MANIPULATION of the letters and vector shapes ONLY. Here are some examples:

  1. Your goal is to create a CLEVER and ILLUSTRATIVE Typographic Design for each of your three word pairs.
  2. The manipulation of the fonts and words in your designs should bring to mind the meaning or action of the phrase itself.
  3. You may use any colors or gradients that you wish in your designs.
  4. You can use multiple fonts and font sizes, as needed.
  5. You can only use ILLUSTRATOR tools and techniques in your design, DO NOT import graphics, clip art, photographs, patterns, overlays, textures, etc.!

PART TWO- The LOGOTYPE: A logotype is a corporate logo made up ONLY of Typographical symbols, which can be plain or manipulated. You see these all day, every day in real life, such as the following famous logotypes:

Your job will be to create a LOGOTYPE for one of the fictitious companies listed below:

Pick the square that pertains to you!

Born on what date?


7-12 13-19 20-25 26-31

Born in what month?



You will be ILLUSTRATING the company name as a LOGO, while incorporating the product or service that your company sells within the design of the Typography of the logo. You get to use your imagination to determine the product that the company makes or does, but I should be able to discern the product or service by looking at the logo when you are done. You can do this by including simple Illustrator shapes and text manipulations, similar to those seen below and following the same rules as Part ONE of this assignment. Again, DO NOT import outside graphics, clipart, patterns, images, textures, etc.

Again, this will be executed on a 6x6 inch canvas, using only BLACK and WHITE and ONE OTHER COLOR (if desired).

SAVING AND SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: All files created for this project should be saved into a folder called "LOGOTYPES." Save your original .ai files from Illustrator, but also EXPORT your files as .JPEG images. Files that are not saved in this manner will lose 10 points per image.

Grading: This assignment will be worth a total of 125 points:

  • 25 points for thoughtful execution of each of the 3 Descriptive Word Pairs.
  • 50 points, for thoughtful execution of the Company LOGOTYPE.