The Project“HHS BY AIR”, an introductory drone videography project.

Premise: We have been working on learning to fly our MAVIC AIR/MINI DRONES over the last couple of weeks. The time has come to start creating some videography. You will be using the RECORD function of your AIRS/MINIS to create 10-15 5-7 second video clips of landmarks around the HHS campus and we will be using our NEW video editing program- FILMORA 9, to put these together, complete with title, credits, music, etc. 

The Product: You will be creating a 45-60 second video, including music, title and credits that shows HHS by air from your drone. Your video should include the following:

  • 10-15 video clips. These should be moving videos that demonstrate different landmark locations at Highland High School or the surrounding area.
  • Your clips in your final video should be no more than 4-6 seconds in length.
  • Use of proper transitions and/or clip changes to the beat of the music in your video from clip to clip.
  • Use of Royalty Free music in your videos, available from these sites:
  • Proper ATTRIBUTION of any music used in your credits (see below):
  • Inclusion of opening credits, which will include the name of your video and a "by NAME." text line.
  • Inclusion of closing credits, which will include a listing of all people that helped with the creation of your film.

Your Flight Plans: Part of being a good videographer, especially when using drones, is the pre-planning, where you scout out your site, plan your shot, prepare for a good mission and then execute your clip. To assist with this, Mr. B. would like to receive a SHOT LIST of at least 10 different HHS videos that you will take.

Saving and Submitting: We will be downloading and saving your video footage to our new DRONE DRIVES. Using an SD Card Reader, please move your video clips from your drone to your DRONE DRIVE (details as to which folder for which students is on the website.) Create your project in your PROJECT FOLDER. Save your project as needed and EXPORT it when you are done.

Editing your video clips: We will be using FILMORA 9 for this video editing project. Here is a link to one of the most popular Filmora Video Tutorials on the internet: FILMORA 9 BASICS. Use this as a reference work for putting your video together. If you need help, see Mr. B.

Grading:  You will be graded on your ability to create your SHOT LIST, take your planned video clips, edit them together and use FILMORA 9 editing software. This will be a 150 point project assignment, graded as follows:

  • 25 points: SHOT LIST OF 10 different shots you would like to take for this video.
  • 25 points: Proper inclusion of OPENING TITLE and CLOSING CREDITS.
  • 25 points: Use of appropriate royalty free music, properly attributed in your CLOSING CREDITS.
  • 25 points: Proper use of transitions in your video. These should be a constant in your video, not changing from transition to transition!
  • 50 points: Quality of the included video clips in your video, I am looking for bright, clear, steady, interesting video clips of landmark sights around the HHS campus!
  • BONUS POINTS: Proper video editing on the beat of the music (this is best done WITHOUT transitions between clips, but you should still include transitions on your titles, credits and add fade-in and fade-out to your music!)