STEM- Drones: "Drone vs. Phone Video Comparison Project.

The Project“Drone vs. Phone Video Comparison Project.” A Split Screen tutorial project.

Premise: We are starting our work on our HHS DRONE VIDEO PROJECT for Mr. Ring. We need to include a number of "student activity" clips in our video. What we don't know: What would be a better vehicle for taking these clips- Handheld Mavic Air footage or Cellular Phone video footage. This project will allow students to complete a comparison of the two techniques and see the results side by side. 

The Product: You will be creating a 10 second video that shows the exact same type of video clip taken from both your cell phones video capabilities and the handheld Mavic Air's gimbal camera footage. Then, you will put the two clips together in a side by side comparison using the OPENSHOT video editor.

Here are the expected components of this project:

  • Two video clips, one from your phone and one from a handheld Mavic Air. These clips should include student activities and should be exact copies of each other, as closely as possible- same pathing, same angles, same subject, etc.
  • Your video clips need to be about 10 seconds in length.
  • Import videos to OPENSHOT.
  • Use the following video tutorial to set up a SIDE BY SIDE video comparison of your two videos: SPLIT SCREEN VIDEO IN OPENSHOT VIDEO TUTORIAL. Please do not assume that you "know" how to complete this task without help, you don't.
  • Text labels of the two different clips of your video should be seen on the screen for the entire comparison video. One label should read "PHONE NAME VIDEO" and the other should read "HANDHELD MAVIC AIR VIDEO."
  • Include appropriate music for the background of your video. This should be relatively calm and should not interfere with the purpose of the video. Use Royalty Free music in your video, available from these sites:
  • Proper title for your video: "VIDEO COMPARISON- PHONE NAME vs. HANDHELD MAVIC AIR.
  • Proper closing credits, including yourself as videographer and editor. Include any other people that may have helped in the creation of your piece, PLEASE ATTRIBUTE any music that you used for your video.
  • Burn out your video as "VIDEO_COMPARISON.mp4". Save this video to your PROJECTS folder for grading.

Editing Resources: Did you forget how to do some of the OPENSHOT editing that we used a few weeks ago? Use the following as needed to create your video:

Your Videos: Please try to complete this project by filming HHS human activity of interest outside of the TECH LAB. I will accept video from INSIDE the TECH LAB, but I will not grant you an A on the project if you do so. This is your choice. When setting this up, you should get permission from any teachers that you may be disrupting before you film. Before you head out to start your filming, please PRACTICE IN THE TECH LAB, SO THAT YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

Saving and Submitting: We will be downloading and saving your video footage to our DRONE DRIVES. Using a charging cable, please move your video clips from your phone to your DRONE DRIVE and use an adapter to get your clips from your drone. Create your project in your PROJECT FOLDER as listed above. Save your project as needed and EXPORT it when you are done.

Grading:  You will be graded on your ability to create two identical video clips, edit your clips to be in split screen format and add all required text elements. This will be a 100 point project.