Freshman Technology- The "History of Your Favorite Thing" Paper

BACKGROUND: Students have created a CHART of their "Favorite Stuff," which outlined the various categories and types of their "Favorite Things." This CHART was created in Google Docs, using the APP.

REQUIREMENTS/ PAPER SUBJECT: Students will select one of their FAVORITE THINGS and will use the Internet to research the HISTORY of that THING. Then, the student will write a TWO to THREE PAGE PAPER that relates the HISTORY of your THING, to include QUOTES from THREE SOURCES. The student will include a COVER PAGE and a WORKS CITED page in their paper.

NUMBER OF PAPER SOURCES: Students may use ANY resources at their disposal to complete this research paper. Students are required to incorporate AT LEAST THREE DIFFERENT SOURCES into their writing. Here is the rule regarding the citation of SOURCE MATERIAL in your paper: If you do not cite a source for a statement in your paper, YOU MADE IT UP and it does not count (or you are PLAGIARIZING, which is worse!)

CITING SOURCES IN YOUR WRITING: Any quotes or data or information that you have gathered from a source needs to be cited IN THE BODY OF YOUR PAPER in the following format:

PLAGIARISM: As we will discuss in class, plagiarism is:

Make sure that ALL of your work on this paper is ORIGINAL and that any QUOTES are properly cited (see below.)

CHECKING FOR ORIGINALITY: When you have completed your written paper, please click over to

the Plagiarism Checker at

Once at that link, click the USE NOW FREE button at the top of the page, then copy and paste the text of your paper into that site to see if your paper has relied too heavily on the work of others, especially without proper citation. ANY NUMBER ABOVE 30 PERCENT is PLAGIARIZED WORK! Adjust as needed.


  1. Select one of the PRODUCTS or BRANDS from your FAVORITE THINGS CHART.
  2. Using the Internet (or any other appropriate resources), research the basic history of your THING. As a guideline, here is a list of THREE questions that you should be able to answer after you have completed your research:
    1. Describe how your THING developed, invented, created, discovered, etc. Who was responsible for the creation/discovery of your thing? (This could be a person, a company, etc.)
    2. Describe at least THREE major changes that have occurred with your THING since it was developed. (New products, brands, flavors, owners, companies, logos, etc.)
    3. What is the current state of your THING in 2023? What is it like now? (This should include information about how many flavors, models, countries it is sold in, prices, total sales, place in the market with regards to competitors, etc.)
  3. As you collect information from the internet, please copy it to a Google Doc named RESEARCH that you create in your FRESHMAN_TECH folder, MAKE SURE TO COPY THE LINK and WEBSITE INFORMATION, as well. This will be part of your GRADE for this project.
  4. After completing your research, use GOOGLE DOCS to write a 2-3 page paper that follows this format:
    • FILE created in your FRESHMAN_TECH folder, called favorite_thing_paper.
    • Paragraph ONE: Introduction- explain your topic and why it is important.
    • Paragraph TWO: Creation of product/ company.
    • Paragraphs THREE-FIVE (minimum): Explain at least three changes that have occured with your product/ company since the company started.
    • Paragraph SIX: Explain your product/ company today.
    • Paragraph SEVEN: Conclusion.


  • You must include all of the following in your THING paper:
    • A title page, complete with your paper's title (Times New Roman, 24 point font), name, class and date (Times New Roman, 12 point font.)
    • Paper written double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. DO NOT INDENT your paragraphs, include an extra space in between paragraphs!
    • You must include a sources page at the end of your paper (see below).

SOURCES AND CITATIONS FORMATTING: Students are required to use at least one source for the information on each paragraph of the paper. These can be online or hardcopy resources. You MUST include a SOURCE page at the end of your paper, with all sources properly listed. I would like students to use APA style in their citations. Proper formatting for such sources will look like this:


IF YOU WISH TO BE MORE TECHNOLOGICAL, you can use the following handy citation generator found online:, but it is not required and citing sources is easier if you just follow the model above. You can also use an AI model, such as ChatGPT, to help you create your APA citations, but you will need to know how to properly format APA source citations for the Final Exam.

FORMATTING EXAMPLE: Here is an example of the proper formatting for this paper. Here are the thumbnails of the main three pages of the paper:

TURNING YOUR PAPER IN: Your work should be AT LEAST TWO to THREE complete pages typed, not including the cover sheet and the sources pages. Make sure to create this paper and the research file in your FRESHMAN_TECH folder. Make sure to include your COVER SHEET and your SOURCES PAGE and that your paper has all of the proper formatting with regards to font, font size, cover sheet and sources page. Paper submitted without these elements properly included WILL BE REJECTED.

THE PAPER IS DUE ON FRIDAY, September 9th at 11:59 pm.

©Paul Burkhard, 2016