BEFORE YOU START: Create a new folder on your network space, called FUSION_360. In this FUSION_360 folder, create another new folder called “LESSON_6”. You will need to EXPORT your drawings as .F3D files and save it to your LESSON_6 folder for grading!

THE RELEVANT VIDEO TUTORIALS: You will NEED to watch this video to be able to complete this assignment.

Here is the link to the webpage for this video tutorial, along with a full transcript. Use this if you need it!

PROBLEM 1: Complete the "HEX NUT" exactly as in the video and SAVE YOUR DRAWING WHEN COMPLETE AS HEX_NUT.F3D to your LESSON_6_FOLDER.

PROBLEM 2: Below, you will find a chart for the dimensions of a HEX BOLT in millimeters, use this table and other online resources (you may need to look up proper dimensions for your washer) to model a complete hex bolt set to the best of your ability that will include the HEX BOLT, the HEX NUT and the WASHER, as well. I would like the set to be an M12 bolt (meaning that the diameter of the shaft of the bolt is 12 mm) with a length of 50 mm. To model a HEX BOLT, you will need to EXTRUDE, instead of placing a HOLE, then use the CREATE>THREAD command from the SOLID menu.

Here is Mr. B.'s washer set. This set is NOT set to M12 at 50 mm! When you are done with all three pieces of this model, SAVE IT AS HEX_BOLT_SET.F3D to your LESSON_6_FOLDER.

PROBLEM 3: Socket screws are slightly specialized fastners, used in such applications as appliances, electronics, bicycles, etc. They have a hex slot in the top of the screw for use in tightening with an Allen or Hex Wrench. Below, please find a diagram of the exact dimensions of an M6-10 Socket Screw. The only dimension missing is the depth of the hex socket at the top of the screw. I would model this to be an extrusion of HALF of the height of the head of the screw. Please use your Fusion 360 skills to model this screw in three dimensions, including the chamfer at the head of the screw (I would set this to 0.5 mm.).When you are done with this model, SAVE IT AS SOCKET_SCREW.F3D to your LESSON_6_FOLDER.

SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: I will grade all of the problems for FUSION_360_LESSON_6 Directly out of your folder on your COLOR Drive.

GRADING: I will be grading FUSION_360 work in the following way. I will be grading your completed assignments and figures each week. As there are only going to be 3 figures for each assignment, all assignments will be worth 60 points, 20 points for each of the practice problem and the independent problems.