Graphic Design Process, Part ONE:
The Company Logo

Overview of the Project: You will be creating a complete company identity and advertising campaign over the next couple of months. You will be given a fictitious small business, complete with the company name and the products and services offered. Later stages of the assignment will include target goals for public imaging, sales and advertising.

Rules for Creating a Good Company Logo:  Mr. B. showed a slide show regarding the six principles of good logo design.  Please review this, as needed, when working on your ideas.

Getting Started: To start, you will need to create a company logo (service mark or brand mark) for use in creating the company’s image. In the graphic design business, a customer will expect a number of mock-ups of various ideas for a design before they can make recommendations for final approval. This being the case, the first assignment is to complete a mock-up portfolio for presentation to your customer (Mr. B.)

  • Your customer is looking for a company logo that they can use in all of their business communications and advertising. A good business logo should be:
    • Relatively square or circular in proportion
    • Use fewer than 3-4 colors and be recognizable in black and white
    • Show the character of the company
    • Be visually simple and easy to recognize in any situation, be it on a business card or on a highway billboard.
  • Using pens, pencils, markers, etc., create a mock-up portfolio of AT LEAST 10 different possible logo designs for your company. It is possible that you will need to be bidding on your company, in which case you may owe me more than 10 trials. Think creatively and crazily. Come up with as many dynamic and exciting ideas as you can for logos that identify your company while still keeping the four points above in mind.
    • Do not worry about artistic talent, rough sketchwork will be fine for this first step in the project. You should try to think about and include colors in your ideas, however.
    • I want to see 10 different ideas for logos! Do not use the same idea over and over again. Try using the company name in various looks, try company initials, try incorporating pictures or representations of the company product or service into the logo. Try using stylized animals or objects to catch a customer’s eye. Do not feel that you have to “illustrate” all facets of your company within your logo. Simple is better.
  • You will need to turn in this portfolio of at least 10 different mock-up images to Mr. B., who will select one for you to create in a final product. He will likely make suggestions for changes to the logo, colors, shapes, etc. Do what he says, he is the customer. (You will receive 10 points for each well-thought-out design that is unique, total points possible = 100)
  • Once you have received the approval of your final design, you will use your PhotoShop or Illustrator skills to create a final draft of the logo on a 700 x700 pixel canvas. This will need to look professionally created for a passing grade. (In other words, perfect= 100 points, not perfect= 0 points)
  • Once the final product has been created and approved, the student will move to the next step of the project, creation of public relations and advertising materials.

The Companies:

Bicycle Village- Bicycles: Started as a used bicycle shop, now specializes in mountain and off road

Memory Lane- Antiques: Owned by an older lady who specializes in collectible antiques and furniture.

The Perfect Petal- Flowers: Small flower shop specializing in personalized bouquets and arrangements.



Fossil Cars: Vintage Automobiles- Specializing in vintage automobiles and muscle cars. 


Aero Vintage Books- Vintage Books: Specializing in vintage books regarding aeronautics and planes of World War II.

Sweet Factory- Candy: Specializing homemade and retro candies.


Ink of the Soul-
Tattoo Parlor:
Specializing in Black and Gray tattoos and memorial pieces.


Super Potato- Video Games: Specializing in vintage games and accessories as well as collectible games and systems. Essentially a video game museum where you can buy things.


Sparkles- Jewelry: Specializing in one of a kind and custom contemporary jewelry and wedding sets.


Wirefly- Cell Phone Accessories: Accessories, skins and other cellphone gear.


Sport Chalet- Sports Equipment: Specializing in sports equipment for higher end sport enthusiasts, especially winter sports fans.


Ulta- Cosmetics: Specializing in cosmetics, skin care and fragrance products.  Targets trendy young women.


The Parts Geek-
Auto Parts
: Specializing in parts for older and vintage cars.


Pearson's Family Hardware- Hardware: A family hardware store, going back 4 generations, holding out against the big box stores.

Sticky Fingers- BBQ Restaurant: Hickory Smoked BBQ on slow cooked beef, pork and chicken.


Oceans Apart- Tropical Fish: Specializing in fresh and salt water aquarium fish and aquarium services for businesses.


Galleria Lighting- Lights: Specializing in lighting the family home, including chandeliers, wall mounted lighting and remote lighting controls.


Sal's Pizzeria- Pizza: Homemade pizza in a historical building, specializing in deep dish pizza and specialty Italian pastas.


Drum Bum- Accessories for Drummers: Specializing in drums and accessories for drummers.


The Donut Man- Donuts: Specializing in donuts and specialty pastries.


Hookfly- Fly fishing goods: Specializing in flyfishing equipment, as well as flytying goods and regular and deep-sea fishing equipment.


Kitchen Inspire- Kitchen Goods: Specializing in kitchen items and appliances for the home cook and restaurants. 


The 2nd Dimension- Comic Books: Specializing in new and used comics and related collectibles.