History of Graphic Design Assignment:
"The Broadside"

PREPARATION: Make yourself a folder on your network space called “lastname_broadside.” Save all of your files to this folder. You will be creating a Broadside, modeled after those used in the 1700-1800s for advertising and broadcasting of information.

THE PROJECT: Your broadside will advertise an important event, such as:

  • Highland High School Prom
  • Your Graduation Party or
  • Your favorite band or artist performing live.
  • You may also choose to use your broadside to advertise products for sale. For instance, you could use your broadside to advertise the movies at a local theater or a clothing sale at your favorite store.

THE PAPER: Select one of the following JPEGs of old Parchment to use as the base for your broadside. Click on the Thumbnail, and the large version of the JPEG will come up. Right click on this picture and save it to your "lastname_broadside" folder.

HOW TO PROCEED: Once you have saved your old paper JPEG, open it in Photoshop. You will be using this image as the background for your Broadside.

Your Broadside will contain the following elements:

  1. Varied fonts, font widths and spacing, using ONLY blocky,SERIFED fonts. NO futuristic or modern looking fonts to be used! Feel free to download and install some 3D serif fonts if you wish. This project is supposed to look EXACTLY like an early 1800s advertising broadside. I do NOT WANT an artistic interpretation.
  2. Prominent announcement of the event, sale or occasion.
  3. Detailed descriptions included within the body of the broadside outlining: time, place, location, participants, history, etc.
  4. Minimum of 15 lines of text, using at least 10 different font sizes and five different fonts!
  5. All letters will be in BLACK only! No colors!
  6. Varied font width and spacing needs to be prominently displayed in this assignment!
  7. Minimal remaining white space on the page when completed.
  8. Inclusion of some ornamentation in the piece, if you wish. (Symbols like this:  »,†)
  9. Students may use only Photoshop Fonts and tools. Ornamentation should be implemented using the Photoshop custom shape tool.

A VIDEO TUTORIAL THAT MIGHT BE USEFUL: You might want to check out the

"Modifying Text" Video Tutorial

from last semester to refresh your memory on how to use the Character Panel. If you head to 1:20 in the Video, you should locate the information that you need for this assignment.

CREATING THE ANTIQUE BROADSIDE: When you have created the words and the text of your Broadside, go back and make sure that all of your letters fit properly onto the parchment. When you have completely finished creating your Broadside, save the file as a JPEG into your "lastname_broadside" folder.

EXTRA CREDIT: INTEGRATING THE BROADSIDE: Once you have completed your Broadside, locate a picture in which to place your Broadside. You can be authentic and locate a picture of a building in the old west and put your Broadside there, or you can change things up a little and find a picture of a modern subway or bus stop and post your picture there. Either way is fine with me! Use whatever tools or techniques you need to place your Broadside into your picture. Make sure to use the Magic Wand or Mask tool to remove any white borders on your parchment!

SAVING AND SUBMITTING YOUR PROJECT: Save your base pictures to your lastname_broadside folder and your integrated Broadside to your lastname_broadside folder as:


Turn in your entire “lastname_broadside” folder to the dropbox when you have completed your project.

GRADING: This will be a 100 point assignment! The more complex and gaudy the Broadside is, the better the grade will be.

An “A” product will include extensive event information, widely varied use of font and ornamentation and have a well thought out, balanced look to the work, leaving the bare minimum of white space. In addition, an integrated Broadside will be worth an additional 10 percent of achieved grade as extra credit.