The High-Tech Self-Portrait, after Guiseppe Archimboldo


We created a “Self Portrait” during the first few days of Graphic Design this year, using only Magazine Cut Outs and Glue. At the time, many of you said that you couldn’t find the right pictures to make your portrait properly. THIS is your chance to get it right!


Today, you will be creating another portrait of yourself, this time using Photoshop and online images.

• Locate at least 15 different images from the Internet (preferably using our PUBLIC DOMAIN WEBSITES). These images should relate to you and your interests in life.
• Using the LAYER MASK tool, cut the desired images out of their backgrounds.
• DO NOT cut out images of faces or body parts! DO NOT use any school inappropriate images, such as drug, alcohol or gun related pictures! (This will result in a ZERO on this assignment!)
• Using these images, arrange them on a canvas in Photoshop, of AT LEAST 700 x 700 pixels (the actual shape of the canvas is up to you.)
• Your image should show representative images of your head, face, eyes, lips, hair, etc., all created from the various images that you have located.
• In addition, you will have to use images to create a background to your portrait, please make sure that your background is also created from varying images as well. (For instance, do not simply find a big picture of mountains and paste it in as a mountain background.)
• THINK BIG! This is to be an artistic representation of you. Pretend you are working on the “BLACK SQUARE PROBLEM”, with an infinite number of images and YOU are the theme!

You MUST cover the entire surface of your canvas with images, I do not want to see any underlying whiteness when you are done.

In the lower right corner of your completed artwork, give your work the following title:

“Self Portrait of yourname”


This assignment will be due next class period and will be worth 100 points!

GRADING: I will be grading this one pretty simply:

• 3 points for each of the 15 base images used in your work, for a total of 45.
• 15 points for properly titling and dating your work in the LOWER RIGHT corner of your canvas.
• 40 points based upon the quality and artistry of your work, completely based on Mr. B.’s subjective opinions!
• Total of 100 points!