GRAPHIC DESIGN: "Moving Animals"
Removing Images from Backgrounds and the “Moving Animals Assignment”

Photoshop Learning: How to remove an object from a picture using the QUICK MASK TOOL:

The “Moving Animals” Assignment:

Using the online Public Domain Image resources from, locate pictures of two different animals or insects and two different landscapes or buildings. These animals should be LARGE. Please do not try to submit some tiny little image and claim you have masked it, that will not demonstrate your mastery of the skill.

Use the “QUICK MASK” tool to cut your animals out of their background and place them into the other landscape. Masked canvases that show HALOS or JAGGED EDGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Take the time to do it right, please!

You will be completing TWO different canvases, moving TWO different animals into TWO different landscapes. Save your completed works to your "lastname_MOVING_ANIMALS" folder on the Q: DRIVE.

Grading: This assignment will be worth a total of 100 points. Completed images will be graded on the effect of the composite picture and the precision with which the images were removed from their backgrounds. PRECISION COUNTS!