BEFORE YOU START: Create a new folder on your network space, called FUSION_360. In this FUSION_360 folder, create another new folder called “LESSON_5”. You will need to EXPORT your drawings as .F3D fileS and save it to your LESSON_5 folder for grading!

QUIZ: This project is mostly review of previously discussed tools and techniques. That being the case, I will be calling this a REVIEW QUIZ and the model will be worth 50 points. I expect the model to be completed PERFECTLY in every way, including the proper saving of your files, etc.

THE RELEVANT VIDEO TUTORIALS: You will NEED to watch this video to be able to complete this assignment.

PROBLEM 1: Complete the "ICE CUBE TRAY" exactly as in the video. Then, add a BLUE or WHITE PLASTIC MATERIAL to your model to make it look more realistic. This part of the quiz will be worth 10 points. SAVE YOUR MODEL WHEN COMPLETE AS ICE_CUBE_TRAY.F3D to your LESSON_5_FOLDER.

PROBLEM 2: This is the INDEPENDENT SECTION of the quiz. You will be drawing a desk organizer, seen in the video below. Here is a link to the ONLINE PRODUCT, if you wish to use it as a reference.

Here are some different views of the DESKTOP ORGANIZER, use them as you need for your modelling.

Please complete a MODEL of this desk organizer to proper DIMENSIONS, including the drawer with handle, the legs, the top surface and all proper MATERIALS.

CHALLENGE PROBLEM: Include the extra accessories, as well- the phone holder and the Apple watch charger holder.

You should be using any and all of the techniques and tools that you have learned so far this year to create this organizer, including EXTRUDE, SKETCH, SWEEP, MATERIAL, FILLET, RECTANGULAR PATTERN, REVOLVE, etc.

PLEASE NOTE that the TOP of this organizer is made in two pieces, the flat surface on top and the metal portion underneath, which has space for the drawer and for sliding cords, etc. Please make sure to create your model in a similar fashion. You could use the SWEEP command for this, but I actually think you should try going to SHEET METAL, SKETCHING the profile of the metal drawer section and using the FLANGE command.

This will be a LARGE PORTION of the quiz, worth 50 points. SAVE YOUR MODEL WHEN COMPLETE AS ORGANIZER.F3D to your LESSON_5_FOLDER.

SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: I will grade all of the problems for FUSION_360_LESSON_5 Directly out of your folder on your COLOR Drive.

GRADING: I will be grading FUSION_360 work in the following way. As noted above, the practice video model will be worth 10 points towards your QUIZ score, while the ORGANIZER MODEL will be worth 50 points.