"Graphic Design: 'Lotto Date' Poster for Highland Drama"

THE PROJECT: We have been working on a ton of graphic design "problems" this semester and we have been asked to help the Drama Department to create a poster for their upcoming production of "Lotto Date." We are on a tight deadline for this project, as the posters will need to be selected for printing by the 29th of March at the end of the day. Submissions must be made by 4:00 p.m. on the 28th of March.

Here is a summary of the play, for your use in designing your poster:

"The Rodeo! The Opera! High class French cuisine! The bloom of young people in love... or not. In Lotto Date, the newest television dating game, three romantic couples have no idea where they'll be going- or with whom. Their loss is our gain, as the couples squirm their way through challenging blind dates. So who will be voted the best couple of the evening? Stay tuned for the exciting- and surprising- results!"

Here are the SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS regarding the creation of the Lotto Date Poster:

  • The Poster MUST include the following elements:

    • The title LOTTO DATE should be prominently placed on the poster and should be typographically designed to look like a play title.


    • The Dates and Times of the performances: "APRIL 18TH AND 19TH at 6:00 P.M."

    • The Ticket Prices: "ADULTS: $10.00, SENIORS/STUDENTS: $8.00, CHILDREN 5 AND UNDER: $5.00"


  • The Poster will be created on a PORTRAIT 8.5 x 11 inch canvas.
  • The Poster will be created using ONLY Black, White and Gray. NO COLORS!
  • The Poster should include eye-catching graphics that illustrate the basic idea of the play. All Typography would be OK, simple graphics would be fine, as well.
  • The Poster should use all of the design principles that we have been studying and practicing all year and should look clean and professional when completed!
  • The cover should NOT include anything inappropriate to the subject matter. Nothing creepy, no pictures of your girlfriend or favorite rap star, no guns, no crack pipes, no trippy designs. Anything turned in that is inappropriate in any way will be given a ZERO immediately and will likely be referred to Mr. Yaussi for further action.
  • The cover can include a very small "lastname, 2013" in the lower right corner, giving you credit for your design!


CREATION and SUBMISSION OF THE POSTER: Be creative with the design of your Poster! Just because you are restricted to black, white and gray does not mean that you can't be extremely creative with the look of your piece. When you are done with your cover, save it as a JPEG and call it: lastname_LOTTO_DATE_POSTER.jpg and put it into the DROPBOX. YOU MUST ALSO PRINT YOUR POSTER by the 4:00 on Thursday, the 28th of March, so that the Drama class can select and print the winning poster(s) by the end of the day on the 29th. The winning posters will be posted around town in small format and will be advertised in large poster format here in the school.

GRADING: This project will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Project submitted by 4:00 p.m. on the 28th of March and there is evidence of thought, creativity and strong effort with no missing elements or errors: 150/150 points.

  • Project not printed and submitted by 4:00 p.m. on the 28th of March OR any other issues (poster completed, but missing or incorrect elements, poor execution, use of improper colors, misspelled words, etc.): 0/100 points.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Any student who has their poster design selected for printing and posting by the Drama Club will receive TWO FREE TICKETS to the play, a $16.00 value!