BEFORE YOU START: Create a new folder on your network space, called FUSION_360. In this FUSION_360 folder, create another new folder called “LESSON_3”. You will need to EXPORT your drawings as .F3D files and save it to your LESSON_3 folder for grading!

THE RELEVANT VIDEO TUTORIALS: You will NEED to watch this video to be able to complete this assignment.

Here is the link to the webpage for this video tutorial, complete with original PAPERCLIP image and full transcript. Use this if you need it!

Here is the PAPERCLIP image from the video tutorial. Right click to download and save to your LESSON_3 folder!

PROBLEM 1: Complete the "PAPERCLIP" exactly as in the video. Please liven up your model a little bit by applying a MATERIAL, such as GOLD CHROME or PURPLE PAINT. SAVE YOUR MODEL WHEN COMPLETE AS PAPERCLIP.F3D to your LESSON_3_FOLDER.

PROBLEM 2: Please use the techniques described in the SWEEP tutorial to make a wire version of your name in FUSION 360. You will need to first sketch your name, using the LINE tool and any other appropriate commands. I HIGHLY recommend that you do this one letter at a time, that might make it easier. Please do this on the XZ plane, so that your letters will stand up at the end. Then, SWEEP it and RENDER it in a material that is pleasing to you. Then, create a nice WOOD RENDERED BASE for your wire name and put the two pieces together to create a little "Nameplate" for yourself. SAVE YOUR MODEL WHEN COMPLETE AS NAME.F3D to your LESSON_3_FOLDER. Here is Mr. B.'s wire name model:

PROBLEM 3: Let's see how you do combining a couple of the skills that we have been working with over the last two lessons. Please create a Glass, similar to the type you would get in a restaurant, using the skills from last lesson (REVOLVE.) Make sure to fillet edges of your glass and apply a GLASS material. In the glass, please create a PLASTIC straw, using the skills from this lesson (SWEEP.) CHALLENGE PROBLEM: Include a model of the "drink" that is inside your glass, as well. This should fill up exactly the inside of the glass to a level height. NOTE: The liquid options are very difficult to see on your model. I used an enlarged WOOD material to make my drink look like "Coca-Cola.") SAVE YOUR DRAWING WHEN COMPLETE AS GLASSANDSTRAW.F3D to your LESSON_3_FOLDER. Here is Mr. B.'s model of a glass with straw and drink:

SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: I will grade all of the problems for FUSION_360_LESSON_3 Directly out of your folder on your COLOR Drive.

GRADING: I will be grading FUSION_360 work in the following way. I will be grading your completed assignments and figures each week. As there are only going to be 3 figures for each assignment, all assignments will be worth 60 points, 20 points for each of the practice problem and the independent problems.