Visual Communication #4, The Personality Nametag

BACKGROUND: This is the fourth in the series of "Visual Communication" exercises. In this one, the goal of the student is to create a series of 12 Nametags, each tag labelling the wearer as a different personality type. The student will use all of their Photoshop skills to ILLUSTRATE the personality trait using the letters of their name on the nametag. An example of a similar Nametag Exercise, created by Mr. B., appears below.

This is primarily seen as a TYPOGRAPHY exercise, in which you make your letters speak for you!

BEFORE YOU START: Click the THUMBNAIL below to open up the actual file, then right click to save the large format file and open it up in Photoshop:

PLEASE NOTE: This assignment is designed to be completed in Photoshop, because of the number of special effects that are likely to be used. We will complete a similar project in the Spring using Adobe Illustrator, as well.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE EXERCISE: ZOOM IN on each panel in the exercise and think of a creative way to GRAPHICALLY represent your name to represent the PERSONALITY TYPE listed. Then execute your solution to the best of your ability, using all of your Photoshop skills and learned techniques. Your solutions should look clean and professional when completed. NO ROUGH BRUSH WORK IS ALLOWED!

A SAMPLE NAMETAG EXERCISE (with different character traits), COMPLETED BY MR. B. (click to see full size):

GRADING: I will be grading this one pretty simply:

  • 10 points for each of the 12 base images used in your work, for a total of 120 points (points will be allocated as follows-
    • 10 points, obvious care and effort put into the completion of the image,
    • 0 points- image missing completely,
    • 5 points ANYTHING ELSE!
  • 30 points based on the quality of your creations, completely based upon Mr. B.'s opinion.