Graphic Design: "Lost in Time" Project

Premise: I have a great desire to show off the talent and the artistry of this class in the coming edition of the Literary Magazine. The best way to show this off is for a member of this class to have their work featured on the cover of the magazine. The cover will be in color. It would be great if OUR work could be featured there!

The Theme for this year’s Literary Magazine, and the theme is "LOST IN TIME."

Your Assignment: Given that the theme is "Lost in Time" this year for the Literary Magazine, I would like everyone to create at least one, preferably more, piece of artwork that fit in with this theme. (I am supposing that the theme is meant to represent the idea that we live in a quickly changing world that has a great deal of influence on all of our lives. I am guessing that any artwork that involves the concept of time, what was and what is, or how things should have changed over time, but have not, would be acceptable.)

Artwork Rules: On your “Lost in Time” Artwork, you must follow a couple of rules:

  • The size of your pieces of artwork should be at least 800 x 800 pixels. Because the Magazine is mostly square, you should plan on creating a roughly square piece of artwork, as well.
  • You should be as creative as possible in creating works which you are proud of and which you feel confident in submitting to the literary magazine.
  • You should try to include a representation of a writing instrument somewhere in your artwork.
  • You should try to apply the tools and techniques that you have been learning this year to the creation of your artwork:
  • Filters Layer Styles Blending Modes Brushes
    Gradients Masks and Image Cutouts Shapes Transform/Distort/Perspective
    Photo Collages Image Colorization Pattern Fill Typographic Tools

Final Product Expectations: I am going to make this a 100 point assignment, due sometime before Thanksgiving.