Graphic Design: Adjusting Image Contrast Assignment.

Goal of the Assignment:  Learn about adjusting Image Contrast using Auto Color, Auto Contrast, Auto Levels and Levels in Photoshop.

Video Tutorials needed for this Assignment:

Before you start:

  • Download the three files from the website Files page for this assignment:
  • Put them into your ADJUSTING_IMAGES folder.
  • Open each file into Photoshop. Make Four duplicates of each (as outlined in the video tutorial) and label them: “Statue_Auto_Color,” “Statue_Auto_Contrast, “Statue_Auto_Levels” and “Statue_Levels.” For each picture, substitute the picture name as the title of the file. (See Video Tutorial on how to do this.)
  • Please execute the command as labeled and attempt to improve the quality of the picture as best you can (especially with the Levels command). Save each picture to your ADJUSTING_IMAGES folder.
  • Using any of the sites on the “Public Domain Images” source page from, or images from the Internet, locate TWO pictures THAT REQUIRE some contrast correction. Then run the same process regarding the FOUR CONTRAST ADJUSTMENTS as you did in the files above. Save the originals and the corrected versions to your LASTNAME_CORRECTIONS folder.

Due Dates and Grading: This assignment will be due before the end of next class. Your folder should contain a total of 25 different pictures:

  • 5 original pictures
  • 5 pictures modified with Auto Color
  • 5 pictures modified with Auto Contrast
  • 5 pictures modified with Auto Levels and
  • 5 pictures modified with the Levels command.

You will receive 2 points for each of the required files that you have submitted. Total= 50 Points