Graphic Design Assignment: Changing Colors


BEFORE YOU START: Before working on ANY of this assignment, be sure to complete the "Adjusting Image Contrast" Assignment.

If you have completed "Adjusting Image Contrast" Assignment, download the following pictures to your Adjusting_Images folder on the network:

Save each of the following images to this Adjusting_Images folder.

SOME OPENING TUTORIALS: We are going to be adjusting some more colors on images in Photoshop. We are going to start with a particular type of picture that does NOT respond well to the LEVELS command, that which does not have color contrast problems. To fix these pictures, we use the VARIATIONS command. Use the picture "science.jpg" to work through the following video tutorial regarding Variations.

Using the VARIATIONS command in Photoshop.

There are other ways of changing colors of an image in Photoshop. One of them is the HUE/SATURATION command. However, this alters the ENTIRE picture. Fortunately, with the use of a quick Photoshop selection command, we can selectively change the colors in certain areas of a picture. Use the picture "colorful_boxes.jpg" to follow along on this tutorial:

Using the HUE/SATURATION command and the QUICK SELECTION tool in Photoshop.


  • VARIATIONS Command:
    • Locate the TWO photographs that YOU found and corrected in the "Adjusting Image Contrast" Assignment.
    • Open the originals and try using the VARIATIONS command on it. Did that improve the quality of the picture or not help at all?
    • Save each of these to your "lastname_changing_colors" folder, call them variations_1.jpg, variations_2.jpg, etc.
    • Locate three pictures (preferably using a public domain images site) that contain solid blocks of color.
    • Use the Quick Selection tool and the Hue/Saturation command to change the color of portions of the picture. I would appreciate it if your pictures had large, complex pieces to change, not just some little tiny bug that takes 8 seconds to color!
    • Save these pictures to your "lastname_changing_colors" as changing_colors_1.jpg, changing_colors_2. jpg. etc.
    • Ideas for pictures that can have their colors changed:
      • On pictures of people, change shirt or pants colors
      • Change the colors of a car or motorcycle.
      • Change the colors of the fur of an animal.
      • Change the colors of the paint on the side of a house.
    • CHALLENGE PROBLEM: To test your abilities, see if you can locate a picture of a flower and then modify the picture so that the flower is left in bright colors and the rest of the picture is in black and white. By the way, it is a challenge problem, so no asking for help from the teacher!