"Graphic Design II- Illustrator: The "Cartoon Illustration" Project

THE PROJECT: We have been working through a ton of ADOBE VIDEO TUTORIALS regarding the use of such drawing tools in Adobe Illustrator as PEN, DIRECT SELECTION, PENCIL, SHAPE, STROKE, FILL, ETC. Students will use these techniques to create a graphic illustration from scratch of a cartoon or illustrated character.

Here are the rules regarding the creation of your illustration:

  1. You must be able to use ILLUSTRATOR DRAWING tools to create precise curves and shapes, as outlined in the ADOBE videos and practice assignments.
  2. You will use appropriate STROKE tools in the completion of your work. Most cartoon figures have a BLACK STROKE around them.
  3. You may select any cartoon character that you like, as long as it is of equal complexity to the images seen below. SAVE THIS IMAGE to your CARTOON folder.
  4. Please check your image with Mr. B. before you begin, to make sure that it fits the parameters of this project.
  5. Follow the techniques and instruction of the use of DRAWING TOOLS to create your image.
  6. When you are done, delete or hide your image layer
  7. Save your .ai file and export a .jpg file for grading. Please save your work on your GOOGLE GRAPHICS SHARED FOLDER!

WHAT KIND OF FINAL PRODUCT ARE YOU EXPECTING, MR. B.? I recommend doing some searches for such items as "VECTOR ILLUSTRATION" or "CARTOON ILLUSTRATION" to find appropriate works to create. Add a subject to your search to fit your interest, for example: Wolverine Illustration or Batman Illustration, etc."


GRADING: This will be a larger assignment, hopefully one that takes students at least 3-4 days to complete properly. It will be worth a total of 200 points. 100 points for proper use of Illustrator DRAWING tools and 100 points for precision in the replication of your original image.