"2013 Handbook Cover" Project

The Project: Husky Handbook Cover Contest 2013-14

Background: The school is offering a $50.00 prize for the winner of their Handbook Cover contest. It would be nice if a Graphic Design student was able to win this contest, seeing as that is what we are supposed to do around here...

Rules of the Contest: This is the list of rules, as put forth by Mr. Yaussi. 

  1.  Cover is 7 inches wide by 9 inches tall. Make your page resolution to be 300 dpi. This will give you a printable canvas that is the same size as the current handbook.
  2. The cover will be the same as this year’s.  It will be the same material as the back page.
  3. Must include the school name.
  4. Must include 2013-14 as the date.
  5. Must include the phrase “The Husky Way”
  6. Must include the Highland Logo.
  7. Must include the Husky Motto, “Do the Right Thing”.
  8. The main colors to use are the Husky Green and Gold.  Other colors may be used as well.
  9. You may also include the five words from the Husky Paw:  Responsibility, Respect, Perseverance, Kindness, and Integrity.
  10. Additional ideas and information can be found at the following website:  http://premier.us/

My Recommendations: I would take the above into account and create your cover. The cover DOES NOT have to have a big dog on it! Please consider other creative ideas and designs. Just because the elements above HAVE TO BE ON THE DESIGN does not mean that they have to be hugely prominent!

Please use ALL of the Graphic Design elements that you have learned so far this year: Unity/Emphasis, Balance, Visual Communication, etc.

Submission Date: Please have this cover, created as outlined above, turned into the DROPBOX by Wednesday the 14th of November! I will be grading this based on a simple criteria: Strong evidence of thought, creativity and effort = 100 points. Anything else = 0 points! If a Graphic Design student WINS the cover of the handbook, in addition to receiving $50.00, they will AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE A 100 PERCENT AND NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE FINAL EXAM FOR SPRING SEMESTER!