BACKGROUND:Students have recently completed their online TIMELINE regarding the history of their favorite thing. The purpose of a TIMELINE is to impart information to others. This project will allow you to demonstrate your timeline to other students in the room and see if they are able to answer questions about your timeline information.

RESOURCES: Students will use GOOGLE FORMS and GOOGLE SHEETS to create this project.

CONCEPT: Students will review your timeline and then take a short SIX question quiz that you will put together for them in GOOGLE FORMS.

DIRECTIONS: Students will be responsible for creating a Google form that is a QUIZ regarding their TIMELINE. See the project requirements below:

  1. Give your FORM a proper TITLE. Something like "Favorite Thing Timeline Quiz" would be acceptable.
  2. You MUST HAVE a LINK TO YOUR TIMELINE at the top of your form. In the "Form Description" Box at the top of your form, PASTE THE WEBSITE LINK from your timeline, with some explanations on how to get to your timeline.
  3. Ask at least FIVE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS regarding the information on your TIMELINE. Questions should cover dates, events, photos, etc. Each multiple choice question should have FOUR OPTIONS. Make sure that your multiple choice options make sense and require the viewer to study and know the material presented. Silly or obvious questions such as "Is my timeline about Burger King?" or "Burger King is awesome, true or false?" will be counted off in grading. A much better type of question/answers would be "What year did Harry found the company?" a) 1874, b) 1912, c) 1945, d) 1982? or "The first factory for XYZ company was located in a) Poughkeepsie, b) Salt Lake City c) Downtown Cleveland or d) Salem, Oregon."
  4. Include ONE "PARAGRAPH TEXT" QUESTION which asks the viewer: "Do you have any suggestions for improvement on my timeline?"
  5. Make sure that ALL QUESTIONS ARE REQUIRED to submit!

THE RESULTS: When students take your quiz, you will need to grade it. Using the RESULTS file in Google Sheets, create a GRAPH which shows the student names and their scores for each question on your quiz. SHARE THIS RESULTS SHEET WITH MR. B. for grading.

SUBMISSION: Your FORM should be shared with Mr. B., so that he can link them for students to complete. When you have completed your charting and graphing of your data, share that information with Mr. B., as well.