Google Graphing Assignment

BACKGROUND: Students will review videos and other learning materials regarding the creation of charts in Google Drive.

RESOURCES: Students may use ANY resources at their disposal to complete this assignment, starting with the video tutorial below:

and the Google Learning Webpage regarding charts. RESEARCH WILL BE NECESSARY to properly complete some of the graphs below. Use the internet, as needed.



  1. Create a new GOOGLE SHEET, name it GRAPHS_ASSIGNMENT. If you leave the name of your file as "UNTITLED_SPREADSHEET", you will receive a ZERO for this project!
  2. CLICK the + sign in the lower left corner of Google Sheets to create a NEW SHEET for each problem. If you do not do so, you will not receive credit for any additional problem files that you create for this assignment!
  3. You MUST properly title each graph and each axis label or you will not receive credit for your problems.


  1. Create a BAR graph that demonstrates the amount of money that the class in their pockets on the first day that we began working on Charts. Here is a link to that intro slideshow, with the Money Table.
  2. Create a BAR graph that demonstrates information about the physical objects in the Tech Lab. (example: number of chairs vs. number of books vs. number of ceiling tiles, etc. [remember, you need at least FIVE data points!])
  3. Create a LINE graph that demonstrates the change in something over time. (example: number of wins each season for the Colorado Avalanche for the last 10 years.)
  4. Create a PIE chart that demonstrates the makeup of a POPULATION. (example: total number of each of the different colored Skittles in a bag of Skittles Candy, total number of Yearbooks on the Tech Lab shelf for each year, etc.) MAKE SURE TO UPDATE YOUR CHART TO SHOW ACTUAL VALUES INSTEAD OF PERCENTAGES BY CLICKING CHART EDITOR>CUSTOMIZE>PIE CHART>SLICE LABEL = VALUE [not percentage]).
  5. Create a GAUGE CHART that shows the temperature over the next 7 days in Ault, Colorado. (Use online resources for this, as necessary! Make sure to include a TITLE for your chart!
  6. CHALLENGE PROBLEM #1: (The challenge problems are worth up to 10 extra credit points each!)
    Create an SCATTER CHART that demonstrates the weight and height of members of a sports (or other population that is available) team. DO NOT INCLUDE NAMES! MAKE SURE YOUR HEIGHT IS IN INCHES! You will put this data into a simple table and create your SCATTER CHART from the table. THIS CHART NEEDS TO INCLUDE AT LEAST NINE DATA POINTS! See chart below for clarification:
  1. CHALLENGE PROBLEM #2: Create an AREA chart that describes the COST or PRICE of something over time. (example: purchase price of a loaf of bread in the years 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950, etc.) RESEARCH THIS!
  2. CHALLENGE PROBLEM #3: Do DATA COLLECTION regarding a changing set of variables over at least 5 days, collected from at least five sources. EXAMPLE BELOW (YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN DATA COLLECTION, YOU CANNOT USE MY EXAMPLE)! Then, create a BAR GRAPH that shows data over time for your five DIFFERENT SUBJECTS, all on the same graph. See chart below for clarification:

SUBMISSION: Your charts all be created on the same GOOGLE SHEETS FILE, named as outlined above. IF YOU DO NOT USE DIFFERENT SHEETS FOR EACH PROBLEM, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO ON ALL MISMADE GRAPHS! The file should be in your FRESHMAN_TECH folder for grading.