GRAPHIC DESIGN: "My Masterpiece x3"

BACKGROUND: We have been working in Photoshop for almost 3 months now and there are a number of Photoshop techniques that I would like everyone in the class to be familiar with. To demonstrate your mastery of these techniques, you will be creating a piece of artwork, to your liking, that demonstrates each of the techniques. Traditionally, these types of artwork pieces created from multiple source images in Photoshop are called "Composites."

THE ASSIGNMENT: You will be creating a piece of artwork, completely to your taste. The pieces and parts of that artwork will be prescribed, but the way that you put the pieces together as a final work are completely up to you.

However, to keep things interesting, you will not be creating just ONE artwork, but a total of THREE, from the exact same parts. This is not a project that I would like to see rushed or completed in a sloppy fashion, this work should be a culmination of your Photoshop experiences to date.

BEFORE YOU START: Create a folder called “Lastname_masterpiece”. You will include four different files in that folder when you turn in this project: The .PSD file that demonstrates your different layers and the three .JPG files that constitute your pieces of art.

THE LAYERS: The student will create a total of 10 layers in Photoshop, each layer will demonstrate a different Photoshop element or technique. Please note that these layers DO NOT have to take up the entire canvas. The layers are as follows:

  1. Three DIFFERENT layers with photographic images cut out of their backgrounds using the MASK tool.
  2. One layer created from BRUSH strokes.
  3. One layer created from a GRADIENT.
  4. One layer created using the TEXT tool, possibly to including TEXT WARPING, ATTACH TEXT TO PATH, etc.
  5. Three DIFFERENT layers containing at least one SHAPE each, created with a SHAPE TOOL.
  6. One layer that demonstrates use of BLENDING OPTIONS, such as STROKE, PATTERN OVERLAY, etc.


With your NINE layers, please apply FILTER effects to at least FOUR of these layers as follows:

  1. One DISTORT filter to at least ONE LAYER.
  2. One ARTISTIC filter to at least ONE LAYER.
  3. One STYLIZE filter to at least ONE LAYER.
  4. One PIXELATE or TEXTURE filter to ONE LAYER.

To create your artwork, you can use more Filters of different types if you wish, but the above four are required for the assignment.


Once you have all 10 of your layers created and all 4 of your filters implemented, you will need to create your artwork. How you rearrange your layers is up to you, but AT LEAST 8 layers will need to demonstrate a LAYER BLENDING technique other than the NORMAL blend.

Rearrange your layers and try different blends as you need to create your artwork.

When you finally find a combination that you really like, .JPG your picture and save it to your “lastname_masterpiece” folder as MASTERPIECE_1.jpg. SAVE YOUR ORIGINAL .PSD TO THE FOLDER AS WELL!


Once you have created you artwork, you are not yet done. To demonstrate the power of Layers and Layer Blending, please completely rearrange your layers and blends TWO MORE TIMES to create TWO MORE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT works of art.

You will be using the EXACT same layers! Only the layer order and the layer blending will change.

When you create new artworks that you like, save them to your “masterpiece” folder and call them MASTERPIECE_2 and MASTERPIECE_3.




Lately, students have gotten very lazy about naming and submitting their work in this class. For this assignment, you MUST save each file and folder exactly as prescribed and submit the folder to the class DROPBOX or you will receive a ZERO for the assignment.

You will be turning in your Masterpiece_Folder with FOUR Files:
• Masterpiece_1.jpg
• Masterpiece_2.jpg
• Masterpiece_3.jpg
• Masterpiece.PSD


This project will be graded on the quality and uniqueness of their work and the proper execution of all layers and blends, as listed above. Students will receive:
• 100 points for properly executing the layers and effects listed above, 10 points for each layer.
• 50 points for MASTERPIECE_1: This is graded strictly on the WOW factor. If I don’t say “WOW” when I open your work, you will get 25 points.
• 25 points for each of the two works called MASTERPIECE_2 and MASTERPIECE_3. Again, this is graded on the WOW factor.