AutoCAD Assignment 2: Circles and Trim

BEFORE YOU START: Create a “lastname_AutoCAD_2” folder on your network space. Save all of the following drawings into this folder.

SOME OPENING TUTORIALS: (watch these from below or from the Q: DRIVE folder!)

AutoCAD CIRCLES, Video #36:

AutoCAD TRIM/EXTEND, Video #50:


DRAWING 1: Page 80, Problem 6. (ONLY DRAW the front of this plate, you do not have to draw it in 3D. Sorry, but there is a little bit of math on this problem!)

DRAWING 2: Page 82, Problem 1. (Assume that the center circle is centered between the semi-circle on the left and the square on the right.)

DRAWING 3: Page 119, problem at the BOTTOM of the page. (Make sure your OBJECT SNAP-QUADRANT is turned on to find the right and left sides of the circle.)

DRAWING 4: Page 79, Problem 4. (This problem is not as hard as it looks! RADIUS of trimmed circles on the pill shape at the bottom of the figure should read R0.25 )

DRAWING 5: Page 903, Problem 3. (Make sure that your OBJECT SNAP- QUADRANT is turned on to find the tops and bottoms and sides of your two circles.)

DRAWING 6: Page 918, Problem 27. (Make sure to adjust your UNITS to architectural and enter your measurements in inches. Make sure that your OBJECT SNAP- QUADRANT is turned on to find the tops and bottoms and sides of your circles.)

CHALLENGE PROBLEM- DRAWING 7: Page 907, Problem 9. (There is some math involved here to figure out some of the dimensions, don’t be afraid to use a calculator. By the way, it is a challenge problem! No asking for help from the teacher!)

EXTREME CHALLENGE PROBLEM- DRAWING 8: Page 925, Problem 37. (The R0.62 ARCS at the side of the figures require a skill not yet learned. Use the mouseover HELP on the CIRCLE command regarding TAN-TAN-RADIUS to figure out how to create the ARCs in the middle of the figure on the right and left sides. REMEMBER: Start with what you know how to do without screwing up and work from there...)



SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: SAVE all of your work to your AutoCAD_2 folder on the Q: Drive.