Photoshop Assignment- Mastering Your Own Tutorial

Before you begin: First, create a “lastname_tutorials" folder on your network space for this assignment. Save all of the following tutorials and .jpgs into this folder.

The Premise of this Assignment:

Most of the designers in the world using Photoshop do at least some of their learning of Photoshop Tips and Tricks through the use of Tutorials. The internet is filled with pages that show you how to do almost anything in the Photoshop world. We have practiced a couple of tutorials, including the “Emotion Painting”, “Exploding Planet,” and “Flaming Text”. For this assignment, you get the chance to find your own tutorial that is interesting to you, learn all about it and teach it to the rest of the class. (The best way to learn a subject is to teach it!)

Where to find your Tutorials:

The website TUTORIALIZED.COM is a great website with thousands of Photoshop tutorials of all sorts. Visit that website and explore a little bit. There is also a large list of websites featuring Photoshop Tutorials on my LINKS PAGE.

Tutorials on TUTORIALIZED.COM are categorized by the type of tutorial and rated based upon readers feedback.

Selecting a Tutorial to Master: As you explore your websites, look for a tutorial that sounds interesting. You want it to be at least 10-15 steps in length and demonstrate an interesting Photoshop effect or tool.

Check out the following categories to locate good tutorials:

• Abstracts
• Digital Art
• Effects
• Text Effects
• Textures and Patterns.

BE WARNED: Just because a tutorial is on a website DOES NOT mean that it is any good. Tons of tutorials out there are complete trash. Look for tutorials that have HIGH ratings. These will tend to be worthwhile.

Another NOTE: There are tons of tutorials on the internet that show how to execute some little 2 step trick that can be finished in seconds. This won’t work here. Your tutorial should be at least 10-15 steps and take 10-15 minutes or so to work through.

Before you start working on your tutorial, please get approval from Mr. B.!

To begin mastering the tutorial, work through the tutorial a couple of times so that you completely understand how the tutorial works and the effects that it creates. You should understand each step of your tutorial and how the step works! If you cannot understand what a tutorial is trying to get you to do because it is poorly written, FIND A NEW TUTORIAL!

Then, using the effects laid out in the tutorial, create your own unique work.

Teaching your Tutorial to Others: Next, decide how you would TEACH the other members of the class your tutorial. I would highly recommend that you create a step-by-step walkthrough using Microsoft Word. You could also make up a worksheet, a tutorial, a walkthrough, a demonstration on the overhead, etc. If you would like, I can even show you how to do a VIDEO TUTORIAL of your project, complete with voiceover and everything.

PLEASE NOTE! If you have any pictures in your tutorial, please copy them to Photoshop and save them as JPEGs into a separate tutorial folder and turn them in, so that I can use them when creating your Tutorial Webpage.

YOU will be responsible for taking control of the class and teaching everyone else the tricks that you have learned. Remember, the class will be doing YOUR TUTORIAL, please make sure that they can understand how you are teaching them and that you know exactly what you are doing or your lesson will bomb miserably, as will your grade.

PLEASE NOTE: Simply copying and pasting the contents of your online Tutorial and pretending that it is yours will get you an immediate ZERO! Any materials that you put together regarding your lesson to the class needs to be IN YOUR OWN WORDS!

Working on the Tutorials of Others: Part of this assignment is to complete all of the other tutorials put forth by students in the class. As the other tutorials are taught, you will complete them and save them into your "lastname_tutorials" folder. When you have finished all of your tutorials, copy that folder to the M: Drive Dropbox for your class period.

Grading: Students will be graded on this assignment on four things:

1. The quality of their unique original work (25 points),
2. Their mastery and understanding of the concepts included in their tutorial (25 points),
3. The tutorial materials created for teaching the class (25 points) and
4. Completing all of the other tutorials for the other students in the class. (50 points).