Technology 1
Freshman Technology






Non-test Midterm

Fusion 360-1: Intro

Fusion 360-2: Revolve

Fusion 360-3: Sweep

Fusion 360-4: Loft

Fusion 360-5: Pattern- QUIZ

Fusion 360-6: Chamfer

Fusion 360-7: Text/Emboss

Fusion 360-8: Advanced Chamfer/Fillet

Fusion 360-9: Sphere/Thread

Fusion 360-10: Advanced Sweep

Fuision 360-11: Offset and Surfaces

Fusion 360-12: Helix and Pipe

Two Important Film Websites

Yahoo's 100 Classic Films to see before you die.

Yahoo's 100 Modern Classic Films to see before you die.


Highland Highlight Videos 2020

Highland Highlight Videos- from the Drones classes of 2020

Highland Drone Class Project Samples-2021

Sending HTML through Gmail


What Are You Doing With The Rest of Your Life?

Getty Images- Grants for students interested in Photography.

Photo Editing

Darktable Mastery in 20 minutes.

Random Text Generators

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Literary Text Generator: Creates text in the flavor of all the best authors.

"BS" Generator (technologyspeak)

Random Text: Actual readable words. Nonsense.

Free Crossword Puzzle Generator


Cool Graphics and Art Websites

Image Mosaic Generator: Cool website that takes any picture and turns it into a photomosaic that is downloadable.

Obamicon.Me: Take a portrait and turn it into an Obama-like Hope Poster. (Courtesy of Mr. Farner) Turn any text into an amusing Typographical Piece of Artwork. Ilana Yahav, master of sand animation. Her stuff is amazing. Trust me.

tiltshiftmaker: Turns a picture into a shot that looks like a miniature world from a toy train setup, very cool. Blurs the top and bottom of a picture, leaving the middle clear.

Dynamic Paper: Need a particular shape, grid, tessalation or spinner? Dynamic Paper is what you need. Downloadable shapes and forms as JPEGS or PDF Files.

Tessalation Artwork from M. C. Escher and others

Impossible World: The world's largest collection of "Impossible Figures"

BembosZoo: A really cool Typography Flash Site.

Graphic Design at Parkland College: Great Graphic Design Website.

CommunityMX:  Old Macromedia MX tutorial website, tutorials are all pay-to-use, though.

History of Visual Communication:

Excellent Site for Photoshop Textures

David Gurrea's Textures: Lots of good textures, like stone, architectural work, tiling, etc. Great stuff here.

Movie Downloaders/Converters Easy to use site for downloading YouTUBE videos. Input the URL for the video, click some buttons and save your movie to your hard drive! Another Youtube movie Downloader. Converts video file formats.

Free Font Galleries One of the better free font sites out there, tons of good fonts in most categories.  If the site asks for a membership when you try to download, just click the "Infrequent User" link. Not as good as urbanfonts, but there are some nice fonts here.  My favorite font website, with a ton of excellent "different" fonts.  A website showing real world font applications.  No downloadable fonts, though.

Some free fonts from A nice little site with some good fonts, courtesy of Ms. Hopeck and the kids at the Community Center.

Photoshop Brushes and Patterns A great site for cool brush and pattern tools for Photoshop

Abstract Art Online Galleries

The Tate Modern: Animation of the making of "The Snail"

Lists of Alphabetical Things

Rick Walton's Alphabetical Lists

Digital Artwork

"The Monkey Wrench Project"

Commercials Online

Splendad: Site with lots of commercials, but they appear to be linked through YouTube and may be blocked.

Comic Links

Regarding "Comic Life"

"How to Use Comic Life", creators of "Comic Life"

Regarding Comics in General

The Online Comics of Scott McCloud

Some General Comic Creation Resources from The grandfather of the graphic novel.

Comics in Education

Free Online Sound/Loop Websites A good site for sound fx and loops of all sorts. An online collaborative, with tons of great content, a little hard to navigate, though, try searching for the sound you need. Excellent source, well categorized with over 14,000 music loops and clips, plus lots of human, natural, industrial sounds, etc. (UNFORTUNATELY, THIS SITE IS NOW A PAY-TO-USE SITE, ARGH!) decent site, with a good deal of loops and clips. Not the easiest site to browse, though. site with 5000+ clips and loops. A decent looking site, with searchable clips, most of it is pay to download, but you can preview clips, with leading and trailing "Preview!" voiceovers.

Podcasting Information

Jake Ludington's MediaBlab: A good introductory webpage regarding "How to Record a Podcast", focuses on use of Audacity.

Knol: "Creating a Podcast, by Nick Marino": Slightly more advanced "how to" information regarding Podcasts.

Learning in Hand: Nice introductory website regarding the creation of school oriented Podcasts., Creating Your Own Podcast: A nice walk-through covering all steps of the Podcasting process. An entire online course that covers almost everything having to do with Podcasting.

Digital Portraiture

Outdoor Eyes: Good webpage discussing how to focus on the subject of the portrait.

Macworld: Good page discussing lighting and working with a model. A fairly extensive article discussing all aspects of portraiture. Another article discussing the shoot and finding the personality of the model for the portrait.

Macro Photography

Macro: A fairly comprehensive webpage discussing all aspects of Macro Photography.

Digital Photography

BBC Wildlife Photography Master Classes:  From professional photographers at the BBC, .PDF downloadable "master classes", mostly on wildlife photography, but with lots of great tips and techniques.

Sametime 7:15: An online digital photography experimental cooperative. Six different photographers take a picture each day at exactly the same time: 7:15 p.m., for an entire year. All photographs are posted on the site.

Aurora@15, Action:Reaction Project: Another experimental photography cooperative. One photograph is sent to a photographer, who has 48 hours to take 3 new photographs inspired by the picture. Results are posted on the site. A great website about all aspects of digital photography, including some great teaching materials regarding ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperature Settings. Great walkthrough regarding his famous "Year in 40 Seconds" video, as well as other great stuff. A cool website that takes panorama photographs and converts them into "miniature" pictures. A Website trying to do for photographs what Wikipedia did for definitions. Lots of nice pictures and growing every day.

Good Photoshop Tutorials

Six Decent Online Tutorials:

Furry Text

Dripping Text

Gutsy Text

Underwater Text

Snowy Text 20 or so decent Photoshop tutorials.

Photoshop Tutorials Blog- Ongoing blog discussing Photoshop and linking to some good tutorials. Lots of good tutorials here for Photoshop and Web Design. Decent collection of basic tutorials. Nothing very radical, though.

Pegaweb- Nice selection of Photoshop tutorials, mostly related to Website Creation.

Absolute Cross- Site with some nice basic tutorials and some advanced stuff. One of the better sites, that I use all the time. Tons of interesting effects tutorials. Try before you commit, though, some of the tutorials are WAY better than others. Site with a couple of well described tutorials.

Adobe Support- Tutorials from the maker of Photshop. Searchable, if you know what to search for.

Janee's Photoshop Tutorials- Lessons on creating little graphic icons and symbols, as well as some other stuff.

Janee's "How to make a Signature Brush" Tutorial. A little group of interesting tutorials, such as "How to Grow Someone's Nose." Nice site packed with tons of tutorials. Site has some good stuff, but its hard to see what is content and what is an ad.

Tutorials from Advanced site with some great effects. These guys are the masters!

PhotoshopCafe- Another site with some good tutorials.

Laurie McCanna's Photoshop Tips- Nice site full of little tips and tricks for use in Photoshop. Site with a small collection of nice effects and walkthroughs. Some decent effects here. Lots of tutorials, with a great "Top 20" list.

Spoono- Quirky little site with some nice tutorials. A nice site with some detailed tutorials, such as the "Van Gogh Sunflowers"

General Research An amazing online Encyclopedia. You can find almost anything here! Great website regarding Maps of the World.

MAYA Resources

Autodesk: Maya LT Online Manual- An amazing resource. You can find anything MAYA LT here!

Autodesk: Maya 101 Intro. Videos on All the basics in video format.

Autodesk: Maya LT DOTA2 Sword Tutorial: A great introductory video tutorial.


A nice Illustrator Drawing Tutorial- Create your own "clipart" from any image.

Music and Music Videos

Sony/BMG Videos (on demand music for free) Again, on demand music for free (unfortunately, this site appears to have been bought out by and is now blocked on school computers)

Yahoo Music

Final Exams for Graphic Design and Technology Classes

Graphic Design Final Exam- Spring, 2016

Technology I Final Exam- Spring, 2016

Online Amusements

Online Magic Card Trick

Hyperspace Star Polytope Slicer

Fido Reads Your Mind

The Amazing Zoom Quilt

Zoom Quilt II: Not quite as good as the original, but kinda cool...

Articles and Webpages of Interest to Mr. B.

2018 Yearbook Final

The Butterfly Tutorial

Literary Magazine Cover Submissions:  2015

Literary Magazine Graphic Art Submissions:  2015

Lack of Control Plays with Your Mind.

The Effect of the Economy on the Timber Industry.

Time Traveller Photograph from 1940

Bookmarks from HHS: 5-27-2010

Hank Williams Jr. Song Story

"Catholic vs. Catholic" Story from CBS Morning News.

Cross Memorial Story Link

Gay Couple Story Link

Truth about Right to Carry NRA Video

Link to the Visual Version of the Tech FLASH FINAL.

The Death of the American Dream

Gold in Fort Knox?

German Gold?

Debt/Deficit Lesson Plan

"Colorado Sex Education Bill"

2013 Ford Truck Commercial

ePat Survey Results

An Extremely Important Court Case

Civil Government Class Links.

Yearbook Fall Final Link

Civil Government Test Link

Technology Final Exam

March from Selma to Montgomery Video

"Eye of the Hurricane" Slide Show

GSA Resources

"To This Day" Video Poem

AutoCAD Olympics

AutoCAD 15: AutoCAD Olympics 2016

Yearbook Link

Yearbook Link