We have been working on creating our yearbook for most of this semester and all students should be familiar with the use of yearbookavenue.com as a tool for page creation. For this Final Examination, students will be creating an exciting and creative yearbook page given only some photographs and a page theme.


Each student has an already created PRACTICE PAGE on yearbookavenue.com. To find your page:

  1. Log in to yearbookavenue.com
  2. From the Home page, select CREATE> PAGE DESIGNER.
  3. Once the page loads, select the DESIGNS tab on the right side of the screen.
  4. From the PULL DOWN MENU at the top of the DESIGNS panel, select PRACTICE PAGES.
  5. Once you have found your "LASTNAME_FINAL" PAGE, click on the blue "I" icon and select EDIT (see picture above).
  6. You are now ready to begin editing to create your page.

THE THEME OF YOUR BOOK:  Your yearbook already has a well-developed theme in place, seen below. PLEASE CLICK ON THESE THUMBNAILS TO SEE LARGER VERSIONS!


THINGS TO NOTE ABOUT THE THEME: There are some important elements on these pages that you should include and replicate on YOUR page, to the best of your ability. These are:

  • PAGE TITLE with LARGE, COLORED text and smaller black, lower case text.
  • Use the LITHO ANTIQUE font (bold?) for the large title fonts.
  • PAGE NUMBER/SHAPE, PHOTO, PAGE SUBJECT AND QUOTE at top of page (Your page is on pages 46-47!)

CREATING YOUR FINALS PAGE: You are a member of the yearbook staff and your yearbook editor has asked you to create the "SUMMER ACTIVITIES" page. She has provided you with twelve different summer photographs, which are already included on your PRACTICE PAGE.

Using all of your yearbook page design and creation skills, create a vibrant and interesting yearbook page that MATCHES THE THEME OF THE YEARBOOK PAGES ABOVE! Keep in mind the following points as you create your page:

  1. You can ONLY use the twelve photographs already on your page. You should look to DELETE at least 2-3 of these photographs, so that your page does not become too cluttered. You cannot add any other pictures. Feel free to resize or reshape your photographs to fit your needs.
  2. You MUST include a catchy TITLE that informs the reader about the content/topic of your page.
  3. You can use ANY color or shapes that you wish on your page to make it interesting and exciting to match the original theme.
  4. You MUST include a STORY on your page that discusses the events and the photographs on your page. This story must be AT LEAST 4-5 sentences long! Your story must be logical and sensible for the photographs displayed. You MUST use proper grammar, complete sentences and you must SPELL EVERYTHING CORRECTLY (use the SPELLCHECKER)!
  5. You MUST include CAPTIONS for each of your photographs and each caption will be completed using the proper captioning format discussed in class this semester. Captions also need to match the format of the THEME PAGES. Captions need to include the names and grades of the people in the photograph. You do not know any of these people, so just make up names and grades.

FINAL COMPLETION: All students that are not exempt MUST complete this Final Examination or risk failing the course. Exempt students do not have to take the exam, but may wish to, if they feel that it may increase their grade. Should a student be exempt from the midterm and perform poorly, their grade will NOT be used in calculating their semester grade.


  • Pleasing and creative use of photographs= 40 points possible.
  • Informative and catchy Title, Page Number, Subheadlines and other elements= 40 points possible.
  • Interesting and logical story text using proper grammar and spelling= 20 points possible.
  • Page fits given page theme for yearbook= 40 points possible.
  • Proper Captioning of all Photographs, including "names"= 30 points possible.
  • Original and attractive page layout= 30 points possible.