We have been working on creating our yearbook for the entire year and all students should be familiar with the use of yearbookavenue.com as a tool for page creation. For this Final Examination, students will be playing the role of an editor hours before the final deadline of the year. Your page is due at Midnight tonight and must be factory ready in every way. The problem? The page is only about half completed and really needs some help from an editor- YOU!

STARTING THE PAGE: Follow the steps below to create your page for editing. Open the front page at yearbookavenue.com (our JOB number is 42037). Then, follow the instructions below:













Each student will start a NEW PRACTICE PAGE and name it LASTNAME_FINAL. Then, go to the TEMPLATE SECTION of the DESIGN TAB (see images above) and DRAG that FINAL EXAM THUMBNAIL over to your PRACTICE PAGE and SAVE it. This will put the FINALS Template on your PRACTICE PAGE so that you can begin working.

PAGE THEME:  You must align ALL elements of this page to our page template for this year's book, which you can find linked here or by clicking on the THUMBNAIL BELOW.



  1. You need to align all elements of the page with the template linked above. Every stripe, color, font, font size, photo, title, etc. needs to be in the proper formatting. (Make sure you check EVERYTHING, Mr. B. IS trying to trip you up on these pages!)
  2. PLEASE NOTE: For some reason, TIMES NEW ROMAN does not appear on our font list at the moment. When necessary, replace incorrect text fonts with FOUNDATION ROMAN!
  3. You will need to SPELL CHECK the page and make sure that all words are spelled properly. If you are not sure of a word, look it up in the dictionary!
  4. You MUST include a STORY and PHOTOs in the section at the bottom left that is missing a story. This happens sometimes when you are an editor, you need to fill space on a yearbook page at the last minute. This is your time. Create a story for this section. You can use photos from our collection, from Yearbook Avenue or you can take your own photos in this class and create your story.
  5. You will need to read through the stories on your page to make sure that the grammar and logic of each story is correct. Some of these stories are missing quotes and other stuff!
  6. For any missing information, you are allowed to CREATE material, such as quotes or story. These MUST MAKE SENSE to the story and to Highland High School! I don't care if you make some stuff up to fill in the gaps on the page, but the stuff should be plausible.
  7. You are missing an Old School Family. Find these photos somewhere (there is an image folder on yearbookavenue.com for us called OLD_SCHOOL_CANDIDS that you can use or the internet is fine) and put them where they belong, using the proper formatting. Just use the names that are already on the page for these.
  8. If there are any big red X's on your page, that indicates that there is text in a text box that cannot be seen properly because there is more text than will fit in the box. Fix this.
  9. Make sure to fine tune all of the little things that make a page factory ready, such as photo captions, centering photos, proper strokes and fills, etc.


  • Proper formatting and alignment of all photos= 40 points possible.
  • Proper formatting and layout of all text= 40 points possible.
  • Inclusion of factory ready story filler and photographs.= 40 points possible.
  • Proper formatting of all page elements- stripes, page numbers, boxes, etc.= 40 points possible.
  • Proper spell checking of all words on the page= 40 points possible.