BEFORE YOU START: Create a new folder on your network space, called FUSION_360. In this FUSION_360 folder, create another new folder called “LESSON_4”. You will need to EXPORT your drawingS as .F3D fileS and save it to your LESSON_4 folder for grading!

THE RELEVANT VIDEO TUTORIALS: You will NEED to watch this video to be able to complete this assignment.

Here is the link to the webpage for this video tutorial, along with a full transcript. Use this if you need it!

PROBLEM 1: Complete the "LOFT_BOTTLE" exactly as in the video (INCLUDING the threaded top of the neck at the very end!) and SAVE YOUR DRAWING WHEN COMPLETE AS LOFTBOTTLE.F3D to your LESSON_4_FOLDER. Here is Mr. B.'s LOFT BOTTLE model:.

PROBLEM 2: Let's try something easy. Like a pencil. That should be easy, right? Well, maybe. Mr. B. likes to use a particular type of pencil, the KING of pencils, the BLACKWING 602. This pencil is famous for its quality and design and is now a collector's item. A sample BLACKWING 602 is seen below (CLICK the image for a larger version):

Here are the dimensions of the BLACKWING pencil, according to the Internet:

Yes, you have to model this pencil to proper size and proportions. I also have some real live BLACKWING pencils available for you to inspect in person, if it might help.

For this part of the LESSON, please use the LOFT command (You will need to use LOFT, not EXTRUDE, to be able to join all of the shapes together properly) to recreate a BLACKWING pencil to scale. You are expected to include the square eraser and ferrule and the SIX-SIDED BODY OF THE PENCIL, the sharpened wooden point and the lead at the tip of the pencil (make sure you create these a separate LOFTS, so that you can colorize them properly!) When you are done, please COLOR your pencil with proper materials, including wood, brass ferrule, rubber eraser, etc. (CHALLENGE PROBLEM: Add all of the details to the ferrule, including the two raised rings around the middle of the ferrule and the curled metal edges that hold the eraser in.) SAVE YOUR DRAWING WHEN COMPLETE AS PENCIL.F3D to your LESSON_4_FOLDER. Here is Mr. B.'s BLACKWING_PENCIL model:.

PROBLEM 3: Lately, it has become quite popular for "more wealthy individuals" to purchase sculptures to place on their lawns and in their homes for decoration. There is a sculptor named TONY CRAGG that has developed a thriving business in the sale of these "ABSTRACT SCULPTURES," such as those on the following images. Notice the recurring "FACE" motif in these pieces.:



Now, it might just be me, but all of these look like FUSION 360 LOFT builds. Maybe they could be! For this problem, please create a model of an ABSTRACT SCULPTURE using the LOFT command. Your model should have the following properties:

  1. Your "Abstract Sculpture" needs to look ...fancy and artistic.
  2. Your "Abstract Sculpture" should have at least 5+ LOFT surfaces. Feel free to add a few separate "ARMS" if you wish. Remember, you can draw ANYTHING on your sketch surface to be lofted! Use the SPINE command, it's FUN!
  3. Your "Abstract Sculpture" should be fully RENDERED in a proper material. Most outside sculptures are BRONZE or BLACK METAL or ALUMINUM or something similar. BE CREATIVE.
  4. BONUS POINTS if your "Abstract Sculpture" actually looks like a face.

Here is Mr. B.'s STATUE model. If you are interested in trying to incorporate an ENVIRONMENT, go to the RENDER screen and click on SCENE SETTINGS at the top of your window.:

SAVE YOUR DRAWING WHEN COMPLETE AS SCULPTURE.F3D to your LESSON_4_FOLDER. I will grade all of the problems for FUSION_360_LESSON_4 Directly out of your folder on your COLOR Drive.

SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: I will grade all of the problems for FUSION_360_LESSON_4 Directly out of your folder on your COLOR Drive.

GRADING: I will be grading FUSION_360 work in the following way. I will be grading your completed assignments and figures each week. As there are only going to be 3 figures for each assignment, all assignments will be worth 60 points, 20 points for each of the practice problem and the independent problems.