AutoCAD Assignment 6: Polar and Rectangular Arrays

Before you begin: First, create a “autoCAD_6” folder on your network space for this assignment. Save all of the following drawings into this folder.

The contents of this assignment: In this assignment, students will be learning how to use the POLAR and RECTANGULAR ARRAY commands, which helps to make copies of objects rotated around a central point or in placed in rows and columns. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ALL STUDENTS TRYING AT LEAST ONE OF THE CHALLENGE PROBLEMS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT!

The Tutorials: Before beginning, review the following Tutorials:

The Problems:

DRAWING 1: Page 238, Problem 6. (Draw this cooling fan. Create the center circles and use POLAR ARRAY to copy the tiny circles 3x around the center. Then, create one blade, then use POLAR ARRAY to copy it to the other two locations.) STUCK on this problem? Here is a VIDEO WALKTHROUGH from Mr. B. This is an older version of AutoCAD, but the principles are the same.)

DRAWING 2: Page 231, Figure 16-5 (top of page) (Draw this head gasket. Use the RECTANGULAR ARRAY to make your copies of the circles. MIRROR top of figure to bottom. Estimate all DIMENSIONS.

DRAWING 3: Page 243, Problem 3. (Draw the two crossing spokes, then use POLAR ARRAY to complete the circle.)

DRAWING 4: Pages 232-233. (Create the chair drawing as seen on page 232, using proper dimensions. Then, using the RECTANGULAR ARRAY, create the seating layout at the top of page 233. Distances between chairs is listed in the middle of the page.)

DRAWING 5: Page 922, Problem 33. (This problem isn't as hard as it looks. Make the inside circles on a diameter 3.5 circle. You don't have to dimension this problem. This was a challenge problem a couple of weeks ago. If you have completed it already, it should be MUCH easier to do now!)

DRAWING 6: Page 239, Problem 8. Using RECTANGULAR ARRAY, create this air vent diagram. Estimate dimensions.)

DRAWING 7: Using the RECTANGULAR ARRAY command, recreate the lockers in the photograph below. Include as much detail as possible! Estimate DIMENSIONS. CLICK ON THE PHOTO FOR A LARGER COPY OF THE PICTURE FOR DETAILS!)

DRAWING 8: SKETCH PROBLEM- Using pencil and paper, SKETCH a design for a set of custom wheels for a car (see examples below- yours should be AT LEAST as complex as the figures!). Dimension, using your personal experiences and estimation, as needed. In AutoCAD, create a dimensioned drawing of your custom wheel, using the POLAR ARRAY command.

CHALLENGE PROBLEM NINE: Page 920, Problem 31. (A tough problem, Lots of trimmed circles and POLAR ARRAY.)

CHALLENGE PROBLEM TEN: Page 923, Problem 35. (Draw this figure. The hardest part of this figure is figuring out how to make the jags in the outer edge if the blade. The information is all there. Use POLAR ARRAY as needed. You don’t have to DIMENSION this one)

CHALLENGE PROBLEM ELEVEN: Replicate the figure below:

Submitting Your Work: Save your work to your “autoCAD_6” folder on your network space.