"Graphic Design: Logo Creation for the 'Ault Area Historical Museum'"

THE PROJECT: The Board of Directors for the new "Ault Area Historical Museum" have commissioned our Graphic Design class to design the logo for the museum. They would like to be presented with four different logo designs. From these four, a final winner will be selected.

THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF LOGO DESIGN: Most good logos follow the following six principles in their design and layout:

  • Simple: Good logos are clean, uncluttered and easy to recognize.
  • Proportional: Width=Height, The Logo should function on a business card or a billboard.
  • Small Color Palette: Most famous logos use less than 3 colors.
  • Legible Fonts: Distinctive, but easy to read, letters.
  • Original: Uniquely identifiable and ownable.
  • Personality: Logo should express the identity of the company.

A slideshow that demonstrates these principles can be found here. Please review this before considering any logo ideas!

Here are the SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS regarding the creation of the logo:

  • The logo MUST INCLUDE the words "Ault Area Historical Museum".
  • The logo should include a readily identifiable graphic that reflects the mission of the museum. The main focus of the museum is the history of WATER USE in the AGRICULTURE of the Ault area.
  • Specifically encouraged GRAPHICS: WATER, AGRICULTURE, PUMP HOUSE. The Museum will be housed in an old pump house in the area.
  • No more than TWO colors should be used in the creation of the logo. In addition, a BLACK AND WHITE version of the logo should also be submitted, as both logos will receive equal use.
  • The logo graphic should look attractive in a variety of sizes. The logo will be used in ALL of the following ways:
    • Stationery, letterheads and business cards.
    • Museum paperwork, such as brochures and exhibit labels.
    • The Logo design will occur on the Museum web site.
    • The logo will appear on the outside signage for the Museum and on community promotional items
    • May be used for revenue generation on items such as T-shirts, etc.
  • OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE: The logo should be immediately recognizable and identifiable as the symbol the HISTORY OF WATER AND AGRICULTURE in the community!

CREATION and SUBMISSION OF THE LOGO: Graphic Design students will have until Thanksgiving Break to submit THREE pencilled color sketches of their logo design ideas to Mr. B. Mr. B. will review all submissions and will select FOUR students to create final logos in Photoshop/Illustrator using both color and black and white. These four students will create a complete portfolio and presentation of their logo and will be presenting their logo to the Museum Board of Directors in the Spring. As the completion of these two steps of logo design will likely take time, students may be exempted from class assignments during the class periods in which they are working on their presentations.

GRADING: Due to the nature of this project and the intrinsic value that this learning process will present to students, there will be no grading for credit in Graphic Design class. The person who submits the WINNING Museum Logo Design will be EXEMPTED from taking the Final Examination in the Spring!