The Project:  TELLO PROGRAMMING PROJECT, an introductory drone programming course.

Premise: We have been working on learning to fly our TELLO DRONES over the last couple of weeks. TELLOS; however, can be programmed using our phones and some simple PYTHON commands. In addition, we have also now located the online program blocks, seen here This lets us do our programming on the computer, then save our mission, log in with our phone, download the mission and fly, without having to try to program on a tiny phone screen.

For this project, I would like students to complete all of the units in the "Introduction to Tello Drone Programming" ONLINE DRONEBLOCKS COURSES. After students complete this course, there will be a programming TEST.


  • Then, head over to the ONLINE DRONEBLOCKS COURSES. Please register for the "Introduction to Tello Drone Programming" (on the second row of classes, use your school email address).
  • When you are registered, use the link to begin working on your units. Save your mission(s) when you are done.
  • Once you have saved your mission online, open your DRONEBLOCKS app on your phone and log in. Then, download your mission, connect your TELLO and LAUNCH!


  1. OPEN the DRONEBLOCKS APP. Make sure that you have an internet connection, either cellular or WIFI. This app acts funny if it does not have an initial internet connection.
  2. DOWNLOAD any SAVED MISSIONS that you need for your flight.
  3. You do not need to go into Airplane mode!
  4. Turn on your TELLO, wait for flashing yellow "Connect to Wifi" lights.
  5. In the upper right corner of the DRONEBLOCKS app, click on the CONNECT TO TELLO/TELLO button.
  6. If prompted, click CONNECT TO TELLO.
  7. Go to your phone SETTINGS and connect to your TELLO using WIFI. This will disconnect any current WIFI connection.
  8. Your green lights on your TELLO should flash, indicating connection. If you do not see a connection, click back into your DRONEBLOCKS app and hit the TELLO button again.
  9. Execute your MISSION!

The Product: Please work your way through all of the units of the course, saving your missions as you go. Please execute these missions as you program them, to make sure that they are doing what they are supposed to.

Grading:  After students have completed the online course, there will be a TEST. This will be a programmed maneuver, which will include nested loops, but not logic. All students will complete this program and SHARE it with Mr. B. for grading. This will be a 100 point test.