"Graphic Design: Logo Creation for the 'Northern Plains Public Library'"

THE PROJECT: You have been working on creating a company logo for your own fictious business customer and have been following the 6 rules of Logo Design:

  • Simple: Good logos are clean, uncluttered and easy to recognize.
  • Proportional: Width=Height, The Logo should function on a business card or a billboard.
  • Small Color Palette: Most famous logos use less than 3 colors.
  • Legible Fonts: Distinctive, but easy to read, letters.
  • Original: Uniquely identifiable and ownable.
  • Personality: Logo should express the identity of the company.

Now, you have the chance to design a real logo for a real life company. The Ault Public Library, in order to more accurately reflect their community constituents, will soon be changing the name of the Library to the "Northern Plains Public Library." They have commissioned the students from the Graphic Design classes at Highland High School to design the new Library logo.

Here are the SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS regarding the creation of the logo:

  • The logo can use either the library name or initials.
  • The logo should include a readily identifiable graphic that reflects the library and the community that it serves (images of "plains" and "books" would be most appropriate, but other suitable imagery would also be considered.)
  • No more than TWO colors should be used in the creation of the logo. In addition, a BLACK AND WHITE version of the logo should also be submitted, as both logos will receive equal use.
  • The logo graphic should look attractive in a variety of sizes. The logo will be used in ALL of the following ways:
    • Stationery, letterheads and business cards
    • Library paperwork, such as reading lists and bookmarks.
    • The Logo design will occur on the library web site
    • The logo will appear on the outside signage for the library and on community promotional items
    • Will be used for revenue generation on items such as book bags, pens, T-shirts, etc.
  • OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE: The logo should be immediately recognizable and identifiable as the symbol of the library in the community!

CREATION and SUBMISSION OF THE LOGO: Graphic Design students will have until February 5th to submit a pencilled color sketch of their logo design idea to Mr. B. Mr. B. will review all submissions and will select FOUR students to create their logo in Photoshop using both color and black and white. From these four submissions, Mr. B. will select TWO finalists. These two students will create a complete portfolio and presentation of their logo and will be presenting their logo to the Library Board of Directors for their final decision. As the completion of these two steps of logo design will likely take time, students will be exempt from class assignments during the class periods in which they are working on their presentations.

GRADING: Due to the nature of this project and the intrinsic value that this learning process will present to students, there will be no grading for credit in Graphic Design class. However, any student that submits a well-thought-out design for consideration in this campaign will automatically have their LOWEST SEMESTER GRADE dropped from the gradebook at the end of the semester. (This will not include the final examination, of course). All of the four finalists will have their lowest grade for the semester turned into an A.