AutoCAD Assignment 4: Basic Dimensioning

Before you begin: First, create a “autoCAD_4” folder on your Q: Drive folder. Save all of the following drawings into this folder.

CONTENT: In this assignment, students will be learning how to do some basic dimensioning and incorporate dimensions into their AutoCAD drawings.

The Tutorials: Before beginning, review these two short DIMENSIONING tutorials on youtube and on the Q: Drive, these are videos #72 and #73:

      • start the above video at the 2:15 mark!


The Problems: For all of the following problems, please make sure that you include all of the dimensions from the book. Try to copy the formatting of the book's dimensioning as closely as possible, ESPECIALLY your DECIMAL PLACES!:

  • PROBLEM 1: Closely follow the steps in this DIMSTYLE PROBLEM link. This will help you set up a blue_dims TEMPLATE file that you can open each time, so that you always have blue dimension lines available. From now on, start all problem with your BLUE_DIM_STYLE.DWT TEMPLATE.
  • DRAWING 2: Page 139, Problem 2. (Draw and DIMENSION the figure. Watch the rightmost post on this figure, the width IS NOT 1.5, it is 1.4!)
  • DRAWING 3: Page 377, Problem 1. (ESTIMATE the position of the holes in this figure. DIMENSION the figure exactly as in the picture.)
  • DRAWING 4: Page 665, Problem 1. (Draw and DIMENSION this figure.)
  • DRAWING 5: Page 419, Problem 1. (Draw and DIMENSION the figure.)
  • CHALLENGE PROBLEM 6: Page 934, Problem 49. (Draw the FRONT of this figure and then dimension, using DIMENSION STYLE to change your PRIMARY UNITS to FRACTIONAL. Format for entering a fractional number in AutoCAD is "1-1/2" instead of "1.5".)

SAVE all of your work to your “autoCAD_4” folder on the Q: Drive for grading.