AutoCAD Assignment 7/8: MOVE, COPY, ROTATE, OFFSET, Commands.

Before you begin: First, create a “AautoCAD_7” folder on your network space for this assignment. Save all of the following drawings into this folder.

The contents of this assignment: In this assignment, students will be learning how to use a number of AutoCAD commands and tools that will make creating your drawings much easier in the future.

The Tutorials: Before beginning, review the following Tutorials:





The Problems: DIMENSION any problems that have numbers as they are below or in the book!

DRAWING 1: This is a simple EIGHT step problem, no more.


DRAWING 3: Using any AutoCAD tools available to you, replicate the following figure. CHALLENGE PROBLEM: WHAT IS THE LOWEST NUMBER OF AUTOCAD COMMAND STEPS REQUIRED TO CREATE THIS FIGURE? LIST THEM, IN ORDER ON YOUR DRAWING. The key to this problem is the POLYLINE command, if you can figure out how that command works!

DRAWING 4: Page 222, Problem 10. (Use OFFSET to draw the double lines. Don’t worry about the text in this problem, but do try to do the problem as listed in the book, create the “furniture” off to the side, then COPY and MOVE or ROTATE the pieces into the “office”.

DRAWING 5: Using any AutoCAD Commands available to you, replicate the following figure:

DRAWING 6: Page 240, Problem 9. (This looks bad, but if you try following the instructions and the two little figures at the bottom of the page, it isn't that tough!)

DRAWING 7: Using the OFFSET Command and any other tools available to you, replicate and DIMENSION the following figure:

CHALLENGE PROBLEM, DRAWING 8: Using the OFFSET Command and an other AutoCAD Commands available to you, replicate the following figure:



SUPER TOUGH CHALLENGE PROBLEM, DRAWING 10: Page 397, Figure 26-7. (Recreate this figure in TWO DIMENSIONS. NOTE the line at the bottom that says that all ROUNDS [circles] are R.40 and all FILLETS are R.10. All OFFSETs are set at 0.1. You can do it!) To help, here is a 2D view of the problem: