Google Sheets Formula Assignment

BACKGROUND: Students have reviewed videos and other learning materials regarding the creation of simple tables and charts in Google Sheets.

RESOURCES: Please review the video tutorial below to prepare for this assignment:

DIRECTIONS: Create a new GOOGLE SHEET in your FRESHMAN_TECH FOLDER, name it FORMULAS. CLICK the + sign in the lower left corner of Google Sheets to create a NEW SHEET for each problem.

1. Create a simple TABLE just like the one below that shows the square footage of the following rooms in a house. Use the proper FORMULAS to calculate the SQUARE FOOTAGE OF EACH ROOM and the TOTAL SQUARE FOOTAGE of all rooms combined.

Living Room 15 20  
Dining Room 15 14  
Kitchen 10 12  
Master Bedroom 16 15  
Bathroom 5 8  
Total Square Feet=  

2. In your Language Arts class, you have received the following grades for this semester:

Assignment Grade Total Points Possible
Quiz 1 7 10
Quiz 2 9 10
Quiz 3 10 10
Paper 165 200
Project 78 100
Test 123 150
Extra Credit 12 0

Percentage Grade (=total grade/total points possible) PUT IN PERCENT FORMAT!


Recreate the table in Google Sheets that shows this data. Use FORMULAS to calculate your TOTAL POINTS EARNED and TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE. Figure out your percentage grade for last semester, using the formula =TOTAL POINTS EARNED/TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE.

3. Using Google Sheets formulas, figure out the answers to the following math problems. PLEASE WRITE OUT THE "MATH PROBLEMS" (just like you would do for a word problem in Math class) IN A SHEETS CELL, THEN USE THE PROPER FORMULA TO CALCULATE THE ANSWER IN THE NEXT CELL TO THE RIGHT. (for example):

  A (Write out what the MATH PROBLEM looks like!) B (The formula for SOLVING the MATH PROBLEM!)
1 1+2= Enter Sheets formula: "=1+2"
  1. EXAMPLE (See table above): What is 1+2?
  2. What is 327x1295.9?
  3. What is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8?
  4. What is the price of a single pie, when 12 pies cost $157.95?
  5. You get paid $15.00 per hour in your job stocking shelves at the local BallMart store. Last week, you worked 24 1/2 hours. How much money will you earn for the week? (Please format this in DOLLARS.)
  6. You had 158 candy hearts after Valentine's Day. You ate 12 candy hearts on Wednesday, 8 candy hearts on Thursday, 13 candy hearts on Friday and 1 on Saturday. How many do you have left on Sunday, assuming you were selfish and did not give any away or let anyone steal any?

SUBMISSION: Your charts all be created and named as outlined above. The file should be in your FRESHMAN_TECH folder for grading.