AutoCAD Assignment 14: Dimensioning Isometrics.

Before you begin: First, create a “lastname_autoCAD_14” folder on your network space for this assignment. Save all of the following drawings into this folder.

The contents of this assignment: In this assignment, students will continue to develop their Isometric Drawing skills and will be dimensioning their Isometric drawings using proper Oblique dimensions.

The Tutorial:

PLEASE NOTE: As demonstrated in the video, when indicating the ANGLE for the dimension line (such as 30 or -30), you can also CLICK TWO POINTS along the angle that you wish to use for your dimension!

Isometric Problems (Please dimension each as closely as possible to that the dimensions in the book):

DRAWING 1: Page 908, Problem 10. (Draw and dimension this figure as in the book.)

DRAWING 2: Page 909, Problem 13. (Draw and dimension this figure.)

DRAWING 3: Page 913, Problem 20. (Draw this figure and dimension it. Use trimmed ISOCIRCLES to draw your curves. Don't forget to use the “LEADER” command from the Dimension Toolbar to type in the "R 1.3")

SEMI-CHALLENGE PROBLEM- DRAWING 4: Recreate and DIMENSION the following drawing:

SEMI-CHALLENGE PROBLEM- DRAWING 5: Page 911, Problem 17. (Try drawing this figure as a BLOCK, without the circles. Once the block is complete, THEN draw in the circles and start trimming! Use the “Quick Leader” to input the “2X R.750” and “2X Ø.750”. To put the Ø into your dimensions, instead of typing Ø, type these three figures instead: "%%C", this will create the Ø in AutoCAD for you!)

CHALLENGE PROBLEM, DRAWING 6: Page 835, Problem 1. Draw this figure. DIMENSION the figure to the best of your ability. To draw this figure, you will need to expand your screen a little bit. To do this, follow the instructions below:

• Type “limits” and ENTER at the command line. This will tell the program the size of the paper you need to use to complete the figure.
• When the program asks “Specify Lower Left Corner”, type in “0,0”>ENTER.
• When the program asks “Specify Upper Right Corner”, type in “200,150”>ENTER.
• AutoCAD now knows that you need a big piece of paper to complete your drawing, but you can only see part of the page. Click on the VIEW menu at the top of the screen and select ZOOM>ALL.
• You screen is now 200x150 units wide.
• Right Click on your GRID button and set your GRID Y and GRID X SPACING to “5.0”. Turn on your ISOMETRIC GRID.
• Draw your figure as normal, inputting numbers as you always do.

Submitting Your Work: SAVE files to your “lastname_autoCAD_14” folder for grading.