Freshman Technology


Frequently Asked Questions:

Removing an object from a picture using Magic Wand:

• Click on “Magic Wand” Tool
• Leave “Tolerance” set at 32. Click on background color of a picture.
• To add more pixels to the selection:

o Increase tolerance to 45-50 and then click on “Select>Grow" (or "Select>Similar")
o Hold down the Shift Button while Magic Wanding extra parts of the picture, this will add to the selection.
• To take away pixels in your selection, click “Select>Deselect” and try again with the Tolerance level of the Magic Wand at around 15-25.
• Once the background is selected, click “Select>Inverse” to highlight the object instead of its background.
• Click on the Move icon and Move your cut out picture to another layer or picture, as needed.
• To “Blur” a background:
o Select the layer to blur from the layer window.
o Click on “Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur”
o Set Radius to about 12 pixels and click “OK”

• To get rid of “Haloing”:

o Click on the cut out layer from the layer window.
o Click on the small purple “f” icon at the bottom of the layer window and select “Inner Glow”
o Set the Blend Mode to Color
o Set the Opacity to 50 percent
o Click the Color Picker Chip and use the eyedropper to select a color near the border of your cutout picture.
o Increase the Element Size until the haloing effect has disappeared.