Freshman Technology


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I download and install a font?

Go to the website that you are using for fonts. I like these sites:

  1. Using INTERNET EXPLORER, browse or search for the font that you wish to download. There should be a link of some sort that says "Download WIN font" or "WIN", click on this link.
  2. Windows will bring up a window asking if you want to OPEN or SAVE this font file. Tell it to SAVE. Save it to a FONT folder in your network space if you are interested in using this font again.
  3. Once the download is completed, click on OPEN from the download window.
  4. SELECT all of the files in the open window. If the only thing in your window is a FOLDER, go into the folder and select all files. Then click on EXTRACT ALL FILES on the left side of the window.
  5. The EXTRACTION WIZARD will pop up. Click NEXT.
  6. This is the hardest part of the operation. In the window that comes up, click BROWSE, to tell the computer where to extract your files. To start, we will EXTRACT them to your desktop and then COPY the fonts to INSTALL them.
  7. Click on DESKTOP, then click OK.
  8. Back in the EXTRACTION WIZARD, click NEXT.
  9. Once the file has been extracted, make sure the SHOW EXTRACTED FILES box is checked and click FINISH.
  10. Now we need to copy these font files to install them. SELECT all of your files and right click to say COPY.
  11. Click on MY COMPUTER.
  12. Click on LOCAL DISK C:
  13. Click on WINDOWS.
  14. Click on FONTS.
  15. RIGHT CLICK to say PASTE.
  16. A couple of windows will pop up indicating that your fonts are being installed. When this is done, exit.
  17. Your fonts should now be available in Photoshop or Fireworks!