Overview of the Project: For first day of class, students in Yearbook had an assignment to take photographs of the ACTIVITIES of the first days of school at Highland High School. We have processed those as "EXTENDED CAPTIONS." Now, we will work on creating a SOCIAL MEDIA POST from your photos and captions.

Getting Started: First, go to and log in with your SCHOOL EMAIL. Notice that you have access to a bunch of different tools and templates on the home page. From the SOCIAL MEDIA templates, please select a INSTAGRAM POST SQUARE SOCIAL MEDIA POST template for your project.

Your Social Media Post: For this project, you are taking your best photo and most interesting extended caption and turning them into a Social Media post that we can put on INSTAGRAM for our followers to enjoy. We can also sort through your posts to find good MODULES to put into our chapters of our Yearbook this year, so the project has two purposes in one.

The Project: Your assignment is to create an "INSTAGRAM POST," using CANVA tools, based on the samples below. Your post graphic MUST include all of the following elements:

  1. Stripe at the top of the graphic that reads "THE HIGHLANDER WEEKLY HIGHLIGHT."
  2. A background image that fits the topic of the post that you are making. This will be colorized, using the PHOTO EDIT>DUOTONE or a similar effect. This should just be "texture" in the background and should NOT distract from the overall graphic.
  3. A LEAD IN title for your extended caption. This should be done in nice fonts to look interesting and creative. Colors should match your photographs.
  4. An extended caption story, sitting ON TOP OF A COLORED RECTANGLE, that covers ALL of the material that we have been learning about in our CAPTIONING EXERCISES.
  5. Your photograph or photographs of the activity or event in question. Pleae include a small PHOTOS BY: section to indicate the photographer.

EXAMPLES: Here are THREE examples of social media posts from last year. These include ALL required elements. Please use these as guides for your work on this project:

Learning CANVA: You will be using a few of Canva's own learning tools and tutorials, linked below. There is a LARGE HELP MENU in Canva, use it as needed (keep in mind that the Canva video tutorials linked on the site are on YouTube, so you will have to use your phone to watch them!)

  1. Getting started with Canva.
  2. Easy editing in Canva.
  3. Saving and Sharing Designs in Canva.

Generating Images: Mr. B. will help you to figure out how to use TEXT TO IMAGE within Canva to create any image that you might need for your ad. It's actually fun!

Submitting your work: When you have created your SOCIAL MEDIA POST, please SHARE>DOWNLOAD>JPG it and send it to Mr. B. for grading. This will be a 50 point project.