STEM- Drones: "TELLO Programming Test

The Premise: We have been working on learning to program our TELLO DRONES over the last couple of weeks. The time has come to demonstrate our abilities. 

Before You Start:You can create your program using either DRONEBLOCKS on your phone or the programming link on your computer. LOG IN to DRONEBLOCKS, so that you can SAVE your mission!

The Mission: You will be creating a program for your TELLO to fly the following mission. Please create a program that is as short and efficient as possible by using nested loops whenever possible:

Mission Description: 

  1. Your TELLO should take off to its standard DRONEBLOCKS takeoff height of 20 inches.
  2. Then, the drone should fly up another 20 inches.
  3. At that point, the drone will fly a square pattern using RIGHT HANDED turns (in other words, YAW 90 degrees to the right). The legs of this square should be 36 inches in length.
  4. When the drone returns to its original starting point, it should fly up another 20 inches and repeat the square
  5. Then, the drone should fly up another 20 inches and repeat the square one last time
  6. After flying the third square, the drone should then LAND.

Testing: If you would like, you are allowed to connect your drone and fly your mission before submission to make sure that it flies properly. Because of the space needed, please do this in the commons area, outside or in the Aux Gym. Ask for permission before you leave the classroom!

Program Submission: When you have completed your mission to your satisfaction, please SAVE your mission on your account, call it LASTNAME_TEST. Then, click the 3 BAR HAMBURGER and select MY MISSIONS. This should open a list of all of your saved missions. Click on the SHARE ICON for your TEST MISSION and COPY the DESKTOP SHARE LINK. Using your school gmail account, send Mr. B. an email at with this copied link information.

Grading:  This will be a 100 point graded ASSESSMENT. Please give strongest effort to properly complete this project.