BACKGROUND: We have been discussing financing government and the national debt over the last few days in Civil Government. We even reviewed the "size of the debt" in dollar bills. Now, I want to be enlightened. Please VISUALLY ILLUSTRATE the debt for me. See below


  • In a creative and visually interesting way, ILLUSTRATE the size of the UNITED STATES NATIONAL DEBT in a way that shows how much we owe.
  • To be able to actually demonstrate this, you will need to COMPARE the debt to something else. Somehow. I don't know how you will do this, but I believe in you!
  • I do not care how you do this, but I want to see some creativity and thought being put into the project. SURPRISE ME with your awesomeness.
  • I would PREFER an artifact that I can see, touch and feel. I might accept a digital artifact, but you will need to be REALLY creative, maybe in the form of a video or an animation or something epic like that?

SUBMISSION: Please bring me your artifact by next TUESDAY. Make these artifacts AMAZING!