"Forms of Government" Research and Presentation


We have discussed the absolute basics regarding a number of different forms of government.  Now, you will be doing some further research into these terms.


Step 1:  You are assigned one of the forms of government/economic systems below. Spend a little bit of time researching an country or an area of the world in history that has partipated in this form of government or economic system, then complete The Government Analysis Form. If you have any questions, see Mr. B.!

GOVERNMENT 3rd Period 5th Period
Constitutional Monarchy
Dyllan, Cody H. Mary, Logan
Confederated Government
Kole, Ryenn
Sawyer, James
JLB, Max
Kassy, Blake
Capitalism Luz, Cort Aylin, Lexie
Linnae, Korbi
Sam, Jordan
Hetrick, Caitlyn
Kolt, Cody
Hicks, Kelci
Claire, Chase
Absolute Monarchy
Felicia, Alejandro
Adriana, Hailey
Constitutional Republic (not US)
Bryce, Nathan
Authoritarianism Tony, Kisa Madelyn-
Meeka, Cody M.
-Jeiven, Riley
Direct Democracy Ben, TyAnn Nacona
Greg, Ian
Riney, Taryn

Step 2: Get on your computer. Research your term, you are looking for specific information regarding a country or a region that has experienced your form of government or economic system at some time in the past (present day systems would be OK, as well).  Please research countries and areas outside of the United States. Feel free to select governments from history, the older the better! There may be bonus points available for students that research governments of the past.

Step 3: Using Google Docs, complete The Government Analysis Form.

Open this document and SAVE IT to your own GOOGLE DRIVE, then share it with me.

Complete the document, using your research, but putting all ideas and concepts into your own words.

Government Analysis

Form of Government you are Researching:

Country/Region Analyzed:

Time Period in History:

Research Resources: (website, news agency, etc)

Five sentence summary of the BIRTH of the government or economic system in your country: Answer the following questions- Who, What, When, Where, Why, How [how did the government get started in your country or area])

Apparent Benefits of this form of government to the country in question:

Apparent Problems with this form of government to the country in question:

Your personal analysis: Answer the question-   Is this type of government or economic system good for the region at the time in question? Why/Why not? Is it working? What is the evidence?

PRESENTATION of FINDINGS:  Develop a short presentation that you will use to demonstrate your findings with the rest of the class.  This will be in a casual "Fireside Chat" format, but you can include images and media, if you wish.  You will be expected to demonstrate all of the information above in 3 minutes or less. Be prepared to answer questions from Mr. B. and from the class, who will be taking notes!


Not sure yet. Check back later. We might present this information in class, we might not. We'll see. You will need to share The Government Analysis Form with Mr. B. You will be expected to KNOW all of the information imparted by other students in their presentations.  TAKE NOTES!

GRADING: I will be grading this one as follows:

• Proper completion of The Government Analysis Form: 50 points.
• Proper presentation of Government Analysis findings: 50 points.
• Grade will be given on a 0/50/100 percent basis.  I expect thorough research, thought and presentations.