AutoCAD Assignment 11: Test Preparation- "AutoCAD Olympics."

Objectives: After spending months working and learning in AutoCAD, as a diversion, a competition might be in order. For this competition, each student must help their class complete a variety of drawings in different categories. Each drawing will be judged for accuracy and time and given a score. Scores will be totalled for each Technology 1 class. The class with the highest overall score will be declared the winning class. Prizes may or may not be awarded to the winning class.

AutoCAD Olympics- The Categories:

  1. IMPOSSIBLE DRAWINGS: Two students from each class will be selected to complete an ISOMETRIC impossible figure (Optical Illusion.)
  2. ISOMETRICS: Two students from each class will complete a standard ISOMETRIC drawing, to include exact dimensioning.
  3. ARRAYS: Two students from each class will each an ARRAY figure in AutoCAD drawings. This figure could be either a POLAR ARRAY figure or one using RECTANGULAR ARRAY.
  4. FREESTYLE: Two students from each class will each replicate a non-dimensioned drawing in AutoCAD to the best of their ability.
  5. DIMENSIONING: Two students will each complete a moderately difficult AutoCAD problem, the figure must include exact dimensioning.
  6. TEAM DRAWING: Teams of half of the members of the class will complete two very complex drawings. One student from each team class will be operating the mouse on the overhead computer and the remaining class members will instruct on operations.

REGISTERING FOR EVENTS: Each student in the class must sign up to participate in at least ONE of the individual events. All students will participate in the TEAM DRAWING event.

SCORING: For each event, students will be given a drawing to replicate. All students competing in the event will begin at the same time. Students will need to complete their drawing as quickly as possible, but must also be precise. The fastest times for each event will be declared winners. For each error in a drawing, Mr. B. will add a 10 percent time penalty to the score of the event, up to 100 percent penalty score.

DIMENSIONS: For all drawings that have dimensions, you must include dimensions. Make sure that your dimensions match the originals as closely as possible, especially with regards to DECIMAL PLACES and NUMBER FORMATTING, or you will face a deduction.

SAMPLE PROBLEMS FOR EACH EVENT: The links below will lead to drawings that are representative of each event. Depending upon how we decide to proceed with our Olympics, we may simply complete these as a regular assignment or we may practice the Olympics format and have teams and times for each event. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO!

ARRAYS Drawings must be exact and proportional to originals.
IMPOSSIBLE DRAWING Drawing must be exactly proportional and shaded properly.
FREESTYLE Drawing must be exact and proportional to original. Include ALL lines.
ISOMETRIC DRAWING Draw and dimension exactly as in drawing.
DIMENSIONED DRAWING Dimension exactly as in drawing.

Drawn and dimensioned exactly as in figure.

SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: For this practice warmup for our competition, students will save all of their work to their AutoCAD 14 folder.