3DS Max: The 3D Printin g Project.

The PROJECT: For this Independent Modeling Project, students will be in charge of completing a 3D design for printing with our 3D Printer. You will also demonstrate acquired skills and techniques regarding modeling in 3DS Max.

REQUIREMENTS: To start our work in the area of 3D Printing, students will be creating a design of their choice to be printed using 3Ds Max software. Then, the student will convert their file to .STL format for printing and personally print their object, using our Sindoh 3DWOX Printer.

SKILLS REQUIREMENTS: While it is possible to create an objecty in 3DS Max in a million different ways, the easiest approach to object design is to create the individual parts required for your design and then join them together, using the COMPOUND OBJECTS PRO-BOOLEAN tools. To learn how these tools work, please feel free to review the 3DS_MAX_BOOLEAN_TEXT and the 3DS_MAX_BOOLEAN_SUBTRACT videos in the 3_MINUTE_TUTORIAL FOLDER.


  1. Before beginning your project, you should have decided on an object to design and print and have met with Mr. B. to discuss the project and what you will need to learn to complete it.
  2. You are responsible for learning how to put your object together. This is an INDEPENDENT PROJECT. Mr. B. will NOT demonstrate for you how to create a phone case for your iPhone, you will have to measure it and put it together yourself.
  3. Keep in mind that printed objects such as NAMES for keychains, etc. need to have CONNECTED PARTS for printing. Refer to the BOOLEAN video tutorials above for this information.

POSSIBLE 3D PRINTING OBJECT DESIGNS: The design of a 3D printed object is limitless. Below is a small gallery of printing ideas. Feel free to come up with your own. Please make sure that your design is SCHOOL APPROPRIATE! You could even design a FIDGET SPINNER, if you wanted, but that was a 2017 idea...

If you cannot think of anything interesting that you would like to print, but would just like to try creating and printing a very cool design, Mr. B. has a set of three AMAZING video tutorials in the TUTORIAL PROJECTS FOLDER on the Q: Drive that will show you how to create really cool 3D printed objects that you can use as keychains, necklaces, etc. These figures are seen here:

Mr. B.'s Printable Figures: If you cannot come up with your own ideas, please select one of these figures for printing!


SUBMISSION AND DEADLINES: Due to our "work at your own pace" nature of this class, this project is fluid in its timelines; however, Mr. B. expects all students to be working on this by APRIL 23RD. All projects should be completed and printed and be ready for grading by May 9th.