GLIFFY DIAGRAMS: Flowchart Project

BACKGROUND: Students have reviewed tutorials and other learning materials regarding the creation of charts in GLIFFY DIAGRAMS.

RESOURCES: Students may use ANY resources at their disposal to complete this assignment, starting with the tutorials and GLIFFY DIAGRAMS Learning Resources.

MODEL: Sometimes it helps to look at a model when putting together a work of your own. To this end, here is the sample flowchart regarding "puking" that we discussed in class on the first day of flowcharts. Note the use of standard flowchart symbols such as ovals, rectangles, arrows, diamonds, etc.:

DIRECTIONS: Create the following CHARTS using GLIFFY DIAGRAMS: Make sure to SAVE THESE AS JPEG IMAGES AND UPLOAD THEM TO YOUR FRESHMAN_TECH folder! Always add color and style if you can enhance the look and ease of understanding of your chart!

    1. CHART ONE: In class, we discussed the process of throwing up. As your first flowchart of your own, create a flowchart for "Turning on a Lamp." Make sure to include the following ELEMENTS in your chart:
      • TURN ON LAMP.
      • BUY NEW LAMP

      Try this flowchart on your own first. If you are successful, great! If not, use your resources and look up LAMP FLOWCHART on Google for help.

    2. CHART TWO: Create a FLOWCHART, using proper flowchart symbols as outlined in the illustration to the right, that outlines the process of "DOING WORK IN FRESHMAN TECHNOLOGY CLASS." Make sure to include, at a minimum, ALL OF THE FOLLOWING STEPS AND PROCESSES:
      • Come to class
      • Logging on to computer.
      • Checking website for Bellringer and decisions.
      • Complete Bellringer.
      • Checking website for assignments and projects to work on, decisions.
      • Doing projects and assignments
      • Log out of computer.
      • Leave class.
    1. CHART THREE: For a recent BELLRINGER, you reviewed a complex flowchart regarding a cultural or social issue. Now, create your own. The topic is completely up to you, but must be school appropriate. Your flowchart must include at least FOUR decisions. (I recommend SKETCHING OUT your chart on paper first, so that you are organized!)

SUBMISSION: Make sure that your charts are UPLOADED TO YOUR FRESHMAN_TECH folder for grading.